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Elevate Your Legal Practice: The Game-Changing Legalpedia-Connect Platform.

Elevate Your Legal Practice



Imagine having the power to Elevate Your Legal Practice, conduct legal research in a fraction of the time it normally takes, while also having the ability to collaborate with other lawyers and law firms, all in one place. This is the reality we offer with Legalpedia-Connect, the game-changing platform designed to elevate your legal practice.


We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to revolutionize the way you conduct research and collaborate with your peers. Legalpedia-Connect is the ultimate research, community, and collaboration platform for lawyers and law firms in Nigeria. Our platform is designed to increase productivity and efficiency by providing access to Nigeria’s largest and most effective, user-friendly, searchable legal electronic library and community platform.


With Legalpedia-Connect, you will have access to a powerful search engine that will drastically cut down the time spent searching for legal authority, allowing you to find the answers you need in the fastest time possible. Additionally, our community and collaboration tools will help you to remove the stress and limitations of working alone. You will be able to share ideas and get the best from connecting with others, build your reputation and positioning, and monitor your progress and exposure. Furthermore, Legalpedia-Connect will help you get answers to any legal topic, leverage other people’s knowledge, experience, and ideas, and much more.


Our user-generated content feature will enable you to publish and expose your legal work done. You will be able to generate and share content relevant to your community, attract the attention of those you prospect, and have all your notes saved and organized in the cloud. With Legalpedia-Connect, you will also have access to a compendium of legal resources including Supreme Court cases, Court of Appeal cases, Federal High Court cases, National Industrial Court cases, Sharia Court of Appeal cases, Investment and Securities Tribunal cases, Tax Cases, Election Petition Cases, Forms and Precedents, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, Law Dictionary, Legal Maxims, Articles, and reviews, and more.


Our platform also includes a notifications feature that will keep you updated on updates on your study groups/forums anytime new resources are added or when any particular resource you are interested in becomes available. We also have a sharing module that enables you to share your insights, opinion or any valuable information or content within your study groups or any community you are in.


Lastly, we also have a meeting module that enables you to have your virtual meeting on the platform with your colleagues, team members or learned friends just like using zoom meeting or goggle’s meets.


We offer various pricing packages that will suit your needs and budget. You can choose from a single user license for N54, 000 per year, a group license for 5 users at N200, 000 per year, a lifetime license for N180, 000, or a 6-month license for N27, 000.


In conclusion, we believe that Legalpedia-Connect is an essential tool for any lawyer or law firm looking to increase productivity and efficiency, and we are confident that you will find significant value in our platform. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the resources and support you need to succeed.  To experience this give us a shoutout




Luke Ikekpolor

Business Growth Strategist.