Who We Are

Legalpedia Nigeria Limited is a Limited Liability Company set up to provide relevant and cutting-edge technology to the Nigerian Legal Profession by reducing, to the barest minimum, the use of manual methods within the courtroom, the judges’ chambers, court registries, and in Law Firms.

We commenced business operations in 2007 as Honeyfountain Consult Limited with a vision to provide the most comprehensive set of technology solutions for the justice sector. Our core values centered on quality, integrity, and service.

The overall purpose of this company is to make legal practice much more productive and profitable for the Legal profession.

We Are Changing the Way Legal Professionals Practice.

Legalpedia was borne out of the need to fill huge technology gaps that existed in the legal sector in the early 2000s.

Realising that the most efficient and effective legal services in less than a decade from now will be those that are able to successfully adjust their business models to use artificial intelligence–type tools while at the same time promoting and delivering the part of the legal service value proposition that the machines are not able to provide, our responsibility is to make such technology tools available and educate the legal profession on its availability, use, and benefits.

Over the next four years, the available computing power of legal professionals will likely increase at least twice and maybe three times. This is also coupled with benefits that will allow solo and small firm lawyers to access more, less expensive information, to create and join communities of lawyers, and to collaborate with in these communities in a way that is similar to having the networking and support that lawyers enjoy in large firms.

This increase in computing power and new devices will drive our company’s success due to our provision of services such as document automation, decisions engines, verbatim reporting tools, communication and collaboration tools, legal research tools, etc. The net effect of these trends in computing and its benefits will empower lawyers to compete at a higher level, and judges to unravel complicated cases easily and speedily.

Playing a central role in pioneering the deployment and training required to activate the technological possibilities already described gives our company much relevance and significance in this business space

Management Profile

Legalpedia is managed by sound professionals in its various departments and units. On the board sits an experienced team of professionals chaired by a distinguished medical doctor and management expert, Dr. Olumuyiwa Omotoyinbo.

At the helm of the Corporate Services team is Barrister Adegoke Oshuniyi with numerous years of corporate experience at the CBN and other private ventures in oil and gas.The Finance and Administration is led by Mr. Emecheta Ofondu, with a brilliant and impressive resume in the ICT space in Nigeria.

On the editorial team is a collection of IT-savvy editors led by the Chief Editor, Barrister EmekaAlbert. All other departments - ICT, Quality Control, Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience, etc. are well structured and effectively manned by highly qualified and well-trained managers, staff, and partners, who ensure a consistent delivery of quality solutions and service to our customers.

The future is bright indeed. In the next 3 to 5 years, Legalpedia is poised to become a global brand of repute in the Legal Technology space and would have contributed majorly to the rapid growth and development of legal technology in Nigeria and Africa towards the much-sought-after goal of accelerated justice delivery.