Verbatim Reporting

A very needful solution that helps to transcribe exact verbal communication on real time basis by professional stenographers in court.

The difference between our Verbatim Reporting solution and what you find elsewhere is this:

No stories. No excuses.


  • 1. The presence of a skilled verbatim reporter with professionally installed equipment takes the pressure to capture by writing in long hand all the proceedings in during court session from the Judge. With a verbatim reporter, the judge can pay more attention to proceedings and managing the court without undue pressure.
  • 2. Integrate verbatim reporting with your preferred virtual court hearing platform - Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.
  • 3. Verbatim reporting makes available accurate records of court proceedings from transcripts of the entire court proceedings, thus reducing drastically the human element in capturing and reporting. This assures the judge, lawyers and their clients of the accuracy of the records of the proceedings.
  • 4. While participants (judges, lawyers, witnesses) are speaking, their words are recorded verbatim and the transcript is ready almost immediately after the court sitting, with this system.
  • 5. Health challenges that could lead to surgeries arising from long hours of sitting and writing are eliminated for the judge.
  • 6. Time spent in court is drastically reduced thereby fast tracking adjudication and justice delivery.
  • 7. A judge can take a more comfortable position during proceedings as against sitting in a fixed position in order to concentrate on writing.