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Effective research is fundamental to achieving success in legal practice. It is one critical activity that can be quite monotonous and tedious especially with manual ways that are prevalent in conducting research; going through tons of resources just to find some vital information can be exhausting.
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Lord Denning said, "A good lawyer is not one who knows the law but one who knows where to find the law."

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Truly, a good lawyer is not one who knows the law but one who knows where has Legalpedia to find the law.

With Legalpedia you have FULL access to:

  • Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases from 1960 till date with thousands of abridged facts and principles of law.

You’ll Also Get For FREE:

  • Laws of the Federation (LFN 2004) with updates
  • Rules of the Supreme Court of Nigeria
  • Rules of the Court of Appeal
  • The Federal High Court Civil Procedure Rules
  • High Court Civil Procedure Rules of the 36 states in Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
  • Fundamental Human Rights (Enforcement) Procedure Rules (2009)
  • Tax Cases
  • Forms and Precedents
  • Election Appeal Cases
  • Articles and Reviews
  • Law Dictionary with Nigerian Cases
  • Legal Maxims
  • NBA Publications etc.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Rules and Regulations
  • Subject Matter Index
  • Subject Matter and Principles

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