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It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. (Got Insomnia?)

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September 5, 2015
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It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. (Got Insomnia?)


Wow! I got quite a number of orders for the “Meal Portion Bowl” but no one took me up on my offer for a free consultation. I wonder why, but moving on to our agenda, we are discussing the no-sleep issue, what many like to call insomnia. But before I dive into another one of my boring lectures, about why not getting good sleep is something that should NOT be taken lightly and what to do about it, let’s talk about Teni.


When Teni was a little boy, he remembered how his mother was always adamant about him sleeping early and sleeping for a required number of hours. She would always tell him, without enough sleep, you will be grouchy and in the morning, which may cause you to be rude and outright nasty to your friends and or your teacher and that will look bad on me. You will not perform at your optimal level when it comes to your grades and frankly speaking your father and I will not have that.


Fast forward to today, Teni is having so much difficulty sleeping. Initially, sacrificing sleep for the demands of the job seemed honorable and at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. As months turn into years, he is more aware of the effect, the lack of sleep is having on his job, his relationships and his overall health. He has ignored it for as long as possible, but his mum’s voice keeps ringing in his head and he knows something must be done about it. He has tried all, but nothing seems to be working. In fact, he cannot remember when last he had a good sleep.


What Teni has is called insomnia, but I bet you didn’t know there are three types of insomnia. They are as follows:

1. Initial Insomnia: This is the difficulty or the inability to fall asleep. Which is often caused by hectic days and increased stimulation of the brain during the day and sometimes late into the night. This makes it difficult to shut down and relax at night
2. Middle Insomnia: You are said to have this when you keep waking up at night with your mind racing and your heart beating really fast.

3. Terminal Insomnia: This is the last type of insomnia and you are said to have this when you wake up at an unusually early time and find it difficult to go back to sleep.


I have observed the Legal sector for quite some time and I can reel off circumstances and situations at your work place that can aggravate insomnia but that will only make me lose focus. Is there a way to combat this? I will say that is an affirmative yes. Will I be sharing with you what needs to be done in other to achieve the desired result, which is being able to sleep well at night and once again, I will answer an affirmative yes.


But before I go into that, it is important that you know just where you fall in. Please go over the different types of insomnia that exists and try and place a finger on which category you fall into. Once you have that, I will proceed to tell you what to do about it in my post to you next week..

In the meantime, who is having any issues with the delivery of the “meal portion bowls” after purchase or after sending a request for the bowl? Please let me know so that I can do something about it right away. 


As always I am dedicated to ensuring that you are the best healthy you. Don’t forget to eat your fruits and vegetables today. The fruit of the week is apples…because an apple a day, keeps the doctor away, but not this doctor. I will be in here same time next week. Until then, finish up those vegetables…I mean it!


Dr. Becky Olofin
(The Legal Doctor)


P.S: I did say that this week was the last time the “Meal Portion Bowls” will be going for N1500. You still have still Sunday, after which any future order of the bowls will be N1800. Get your orders in before Sunday 11:59pm. I am just saying.


  1. stella bob says:

    Pls i have initial insônia and i don’t know how to get over it.

  2. Dr Becky says:

    On saturday I will share with you tips on how to manage this.