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4 Types of Rest Lawyers Need to Refresh their Minds and Body Apart from Sleep

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August 26, 2021
August 31, 2021
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4 Types of Rest Lawyers Need to Refresh their Minds and Body Apart from Sleep

4 Types of Rest Lawyers Need to Refresh their Minds and Body Apart from SleepThis healthy lawyer post is about ‘4 Types of Rest Lawyers Need to Refresh their Minds and Body Apart from Sleep’.

Have you ever experienced feeling tired even when you rested on weekends,  Monday comes around instead of feeling rested,  you still feeling tired and exhausted and you wonder “why do I feel like going back into bed? I rested this weekend,
but I still feel tired.” Have you?

If you’ve felt this way please let me know. The truth is you’re not alone. Many lawyers feel this way.
You feel this way because:
–  Though you rest your body, your mind didn’t get its share of the cake
–  Your phone rang persistently
–  You had to strategize and reorganize for the following week
–  You’re deeply concerned about your client’s brief. 5 days a week just isn’t enough to do justice to the workload before you.

And so, the work is unconsciously carried with you into the weekend, even though you are not physically in the office, you are fully at work mode. You just can’t help it. This is your life. You also don’t know what to do to help yourself.

That is why I will show you, 4 types of rest you can take today, that will supercharge you for the week.

You don’t need any supplements, medicines, or herbs for this. These 4 types of rest will take you from confused, exhausted and stressed, to alert, clear, energized, and purposeful, ready to start the week.

Here they are: 

1. Mental rest:

Your brain has worked round the clock, to keep you, and your career going all week long, it needs a break.

How do you give it a break?

The answer is simple. Stop thinking about work. Better still meditate.
Now, this doesn’t mean you fold your legs akimbo and start humming (although it may help).
It means you clear out all distractions, and focus on your breathing.

How long should you meditate?

Start with 10mins. If you can push it, go for an hour, and let me know how you feel after.

By the way, if you sleep off in the process it’s ok.

2. Social Rest:

All week long you’ve had many social interactions, that stretched you, challenged you and some drained you.
You need something to replace that energy lost. Simply replace it by spending time with people that invigorate you.
Some of these people could be family friends and acquaintances.

Avoid anyone that will drain and sap energy from you.

If your friends and family are not with you, simply jump on a phone call, WhatsApp call, Zoom call, or a Google meet call.

As with all things, take time to schedule it. Let me know how you feel after hanging out with them.

3. Sensory Rest:

You’ve been surrounded all week by gadgets and different forms of technology.
Yes, it seems you can’t do without them. The truth is, you need to put them away for at least an hour today.

I’ll advice, let that hour be as close to your bedtime as possible.

Replace them with puzzles, board games, and mind teasers. This rests your brain and nerves and rejuvenate, them for top-notch work the following week.


4. Creative rest:

Don’t tell me you’re not creative. You spent all week looking and sourcing for legal information related to the briefs you
where working on.
You became creative in your search to unobvious solutions to your client’s issues. So you see, you are creative…

Very few people can do what you are doing. Now it’s time to give those intellectual muscles a break and the opportunity to get energized.

Simply take a walk in nature, listen to some music, read a book. The goal is to divert your mind from work or anything that will require you to task your mind with solving a problem or an issue.

We’ve come to the end.

In conclusion, make these 4 types of rest, part of your weekend and watch your mental fatigue go away, and your body get energized for the next work week.

It’s Your Legal Doc,

Dr Becky


Let me know how you feel when you try one of these tips above

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