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Simple Little Tricks You Can Apply To Lose Weight!

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June 28, 2021
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Simple Little Tricks You Can Apply To Lose Weight!

Simple Little Tricks  You Can Apply To Lose Weight!

This post is for weight watchers. It is about simple little tricks you can apply to lose weight.

Weight loss has become a major issue at the back of a lot of people’s minds especially ladies like myself. It can be quite challenging trying to lose weight once you hit your mid-30s. You find out that you get hungrier and you tend to eat a lot of things that are unhealthy.

Currently, I am experiencing this and I certainly do not enjoy it. However, I spent a few days at a friend’s place shared some of my knowledge concerning weight loss and interestingly it worked for her. I know it will work for you too.


What I told her to do was simply a combination of smoothies and vegetables along with her regular meals. She did it consistently for a week. All her friends at work are currently asking her what she did because they can see the results. Personally, I used this method and lost a bit over 14kg.


I did it all by watching my diet and a daily 10-minute exercise routine, during early hours in the morning. There was nothing rigorous or earth-shattering about what I did. I just carried simply task daily. This is something ANYONE can do.


I will share with you everything I did, all the steps I took to achieve the results I did. I followed a simple chart consistently for 4 weeks and guess what? You get that chart as well.

Another major discovery I stumbled on is having an accountability partner. It is a major ingredient that helps with weight loss. I was approached at the NBA conference to address this issue, but I  think it is important that I have an idea of the approximate numbers.


How many are struggling with weight loss issues? Is there a specific part of your body you want to lose bulging fat? Please reply to [email protected] and I’ll get to working out our sermons for the next few weeks.


Your weight loss diet plan awaits thee


As always I am dedicated to ensuring you are the best healthy you.


Dr Becky

(The Legal Doctor)

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