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7 Attention Grabbing Content Ideas You Can Use

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June 23, 2021
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7 Attention Grabbing Content Ideas You Can Use

7 Attention Grabbing Content Ideas You Can UseYes! We are going to talk about 7 Attention-Grabbing Content Ideas You Can Use.  But before that,  I’m certain you have been hearing that information is the new currency. The internet has totally changed the way information (good or bad) is shared and consumed.

I vividly remember the times where it could take you literally WEEKS to gather information on a topic either from people, books or publications. But right now, the internet has become the #1 source of information for anyone.

In times past, your access to expert opinions was probably limited to what you get in school from teachers and just a few additional sources (if you were that fortunate).

I’ve heard people say that “money makes the world go round.” Quite frankly, I disagree. It’s INFORMATION!

The internet is flooding with expert opinions on literally ANYTHING. It’s left for the information seeker to decipher what’s relevant and what’s not.

So what has that got to do with you?

In the last post I put up (check it out here), I talked about How Often Should You Email Your List. Well, I felt the need to share a few ideas with you on the type of content pieces you can generate for your list as well as your target audience. The purpose of this list is to get your creative juices flowing and cut down the time you will spend thinking up what to write.

Also so it’s not uncommon to hit a creative “wall” while trying to come up with new ideas on what to write. Just in case you’re experiencing that, fear not! If you’re having trouble coming up with fresh, unique content ideas, try using one or more of these 7 options as starting points for your next content piece:

  1. Write a ‘how-to’ or tutorial. These are always useful to readers because the basic nature of a ‘how-to’ resource is easy steps to get the desired outcome. Include images and/or video if you can.
  2. Try a ‘top-9’ or whatever numbered list. For some weird reason, people still love reading ‘top-9’ or numbered lists. This could be tools, experts, information sources, etc. relating to our niche.
  3. Discourse common mistakes made by newbies in your industry. Everybody makes mistakes, but you can help prevent them. The best way to achieve this is using the FAQ style that anticipates these common errors. Ultimately, this shortens their learning curve.
  4. Expert interview. Track down someone big in your industry, and interview them. You can then release video, audio, or a transcript of the engagement (or all three).
  5. Forecasting. Think about the direction your industry is headed in, and write up a thoughtful piece of where you expect it to be on a certain issue two, three, five years from now, or even longer. This is really good because it also gives you the chance to develop additional content as a follow-up piece to evaluate that prediction later.
  6. State your opinion on a piece of news. Research on industry news sources first, and then extend out to national or international news. Existing information is an easy route to have an opinion piece of your own.
  7. Dig deeper into existing content pieces a full-scale whitepaper. Expand on content pieces you already have into a full-scale whitepaper. Think of additional information that can expand your readers’ knowledge on the topic.

These 7 ideas should be enough to get you started on something. You are definitely not limited to these, it’s just for starters. You can get more creative by combining these ideas according to the needs of your readers.


I need your feedback on this. What areas of content would you want us to write about to help you in this journey?


To your Success

Luke Ikekkpolor

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Luke Ikekpolor
Luke Ikekpolor
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