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Get That Belly Fat Off Now!

Simple Little Tricks To Loose Weight 3!
October 17, 2015
Black Friday, White Saturday
October 28, 2015
Simple Little Tricks To Loose Weight 3!
October 17, 2015
Black Friday, White Saturday
October 28, 2015


I am sure I haven’t told the members of the “WhatsApp” group just how awesome they are. You are awesome. You are taking charge of your life and doing your best to lose weight.

Did anyone actually stick to the weight loss meal plan?
From the feedback I received in the group, I realized that not everyone saw the link or was able to download it. I am really sorry I didn’t make it more conspicuous. To get the meal plan, please click here.

I also noticed that a few folks could not start the weight loss plan. I am thinking it is partly because of busy schedules or perhaps I am loading up your to-do list. So today, I am going to repent.

I will talk about just 2 or 3 exercises you can put into practice right away. I want you to have options…but more importantly, I want you to get results.

Yes it’s wonderful to see that you read the mails, and find them interesting enough to keep opening…(hopefully you don’t hit the delete button right after that) but my greatest joy has always been, when I see my suggestions and recommendations work for you.

I’ll admit, exercise is something I always run away from and down play in my health mails but I’ll have you know that just 10 minutes of exercise everyday can get you to your weight loss goals. Yes 10 minutes of brisk exercise can help you lose weight. So let’s face the giant elephant in the room.

It’s fitness class time everyone!


Good morning class.

Today’s topic will be focusing on the different types of exercises which are:

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Balance
4. Flexibility

But let’s address each and see how it helps with weight loss.

Endurance focuses more on burning fat and this keeps your heart and lungs strong. A brisk walk can help you with this.

So, if there is a stairway at your office or in the house, you can do about 2 or 3 rounds of walking up and down the stairway. Okay, you might become worried about being sweaty during office hours, so how about you concentrate on doing that round evening time? What do you think?

Like I said earlier, this helps with burning fat, but what I didn’t mention is that it will burn off fat in areas like the thighs. While doing this brisk walk, swing your arms repeatedly. This will help to burn fat in the arms. I cannot help but stress that it just takes 10 minutes of your entire 24 hours? Can you give the time? Let me answer for you…YES, YES and YES!

We will look at one more and then I’ll let you off the hook. Just for today.

I think I’ll go for Balance next.

Balance is not really to lose weight, it just basically helps you with good balance. And I promise, it is a really simple exercise. Stand on one foot for a minute and then change and do the next foot. Another suggestion is to do a heel-to-toe walk.

If you have any difficulties with my recommendations, you know where to find me.

And that’s wraps it up! I kept my promise didn’t I?

For my “WhatsApp” group, who thinks adding a reminder about these exercises is a good idea? I figured it’s time we give ourselves another challenge. I am eagerly waiting for the reply to my suggestion o!

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