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Simple Little Tricks To Loose Weight 3!

The Value Of A Blog For A Law Firm
October 14, 2015
Get That Belly Fat Off Now!
October 24, 2015
The Value Of A Blog For A Law Firm
October 14, 2015
Get That Belly Fat Off Now!
October 24, 2015


Let me get serious.Today I thought it best to share a weight loss meal plan with you. Remember I told you I shared this with a friend of mine. Today you get to read exactly what I told her and it is up to you to CONSISTENLY IMPLEMENT it.

A couple of things I suggest here which may not be readily available. If you have challenges finding any of these please let me know, I will try to find alternatives. So let’s roll!

This meal plan is longer than what you are used to. It is a 21 day meal plan and I want you to use it for the next 21 days. I want you to challenge yourself and see how long you stick with it.

Next, I know every one trying to lose weight has different weight loss goals and the desired weight you want to get to. If you have a pen with you right now, please write it down.

With that out of the way, let’s now focus on the areas or the part of the body where the weight you want to lose is located. I know you know that when fat is being broken down in the body there are multiple factors that come into play like
• Genetic make up
• Gender and
• Parts of the body that has the largest deposit.

For men, fat is usually deposited around the waist line. For women it’s deposited around the thighs and buttocks area. As you lose weight, your body will break down fat stored, starting from areas that have the largest till it goes to the areas with the lowest.

Did you know that fat deposited around organs is what is
detrimental to your health? However it can be burnt off
by combining aerobic exercise, weight lifting, and a diet
rich in vegetables and proteins with very little carbohydrate.
Adequate amounts of sleep can also help in burning this
fat (at least 6 hours).

But there are certain habits that are associated with weight gain in the tummy area. If you can break these habit, chances are you will stop adding weight in some crucial areas like your stomach.

So the rules are
1. Avoid meals after 7pm. In fact your last meal should be at least 5 hours before you sleep. The main reason is late night meals prevent your system from properly digesting meals and that stretches the muscles of the stomach. What happens when an elastic band is over stretched? It attains the new shape. Fortunately unlike the elastic band we can actually help you get your stomach muscles shaped and toned once again.

2. One exercise that tones this area is press ups (that might be asking too much but just try it). While you are implementing the meal below do at least 5 press ups daily to help tone your middle. Digestive organs reside in the abdomen and adequate breakdown of food is necessary to keep your muscles toned and working.

One thing that has helped me with good bowel movement and keeping my stomach in check is cucumber. Yes chew cucumbers or juice them in the evening. This will encourage emptying of your stomach last thing at night or first thing in the morning. It will increase your metabolism and ultimately help you reduce fat.

Night eating can be a challenge, so ensure that this weekend you fill your fridge with your favorite fruits and vegetables.
That will be all…for now

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