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COVID-19: 13 Content Ideas You Can Start With For Your Legal Blog.

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COVID-19: 13 Content Ideas You Can Start With For Your Legal Blog.








As we keep watching and hoping for the best during these tough times at home, here is a post to give you a very good idea of the type of content articles you can create to establish yourself online.

But what should you write about? There are lots of content ideas you can come up with that you may not have thought of. Read on to get your creative juices flowing.

Create a comprehensive How-To guide:

This could be a guide addressing different challenges your clients or readers are facing. For example, say you are into intellectual property law, write-up a comprehensive guide educating your clients on how to protect a product that they have.

Interview Someone:

You can interview an expert in your field or in a complementary field to get their opinions and views on certain challenges or solutions to your client’s needs. You can provide this interview in text, audio or video depending on what works best for you. Only make sure it’s relevant to your readers and it provides interesting or useful information.

Create a list of something:

Lists are the most popular type of blog posts and articles. These days, people are “lazy,” and lists are a great way to get a lot of information in one post.  You can do a top 10 or 20 ways post, full of helpful tips and links. For example, “10 things you need to know before buying land to legally protect yourself” or “Top 20 Rights of tenants you may not know about”.

Write a post in response to some recent post/news:

There are lots of news and events that happen on a daily basis, you can take advantage of this and write an article giving your opinion from a legal standpoint to give your readers more insights and perspective.

List of videos:

You can compile a list of videos that help educate your readers and clients. These videos don’t necessarily have to be yours, they just need to provide the information your readers need. For example, a commercial lawyer could compile a list of the best how-to company registration process videos for entrepreneurs.

Compile a list of common mistakes in your niche:

Compile a list of the mistakes your audience usually make as related to your area of practice. Educate them on how these mistakes can be avoided.

Q &A Articles:

You can have a Questions & Answers article of the week. Where you answer the most commonly asked questions by your audience, or general questions asked by the public as related to your area of practice.

Make an ultimate resource article:

You can curate a list of the best resources on the web that can inform, educate and entertain your readers. This is a good strategy that can give your website authority and makes readers view you as a valuable resource.

Have a guest writer:

This is a very good strategy to get your articles read by lots more people. You have friends and colleagues who you can invite to write for you. This also provides a platform for them to showcase their expertise and to share what they have written with their circle of friends. This in-turn will eventually give your site or page more exposure. For example, a commercial lawyer could have an intellectual property lawyer write a guest article giving tips to an entrepreneur on how to protect their idea or product.

Do a case study:

Do a case study of someone who has successfully used your services. This gives your audience an idea of who your typical client is and what you can do for them. For confidentiality purposes, you don’t have to use any identifying information. You can use a “persona” of your ideal client, but share real results.

Write a comparison post:

Compare your services to a DIY (Do It Yourself) option: Nigerians are used to DIY solutions which normally end up making the situation more complicated. You can write an article to make a case why consulting a lawyer would be the best way to go.

Write a glossary of technical terms:

You can write a glossary of commonly used terms in your area of practice that your readers and clients will hear or come across in their case. These types of resources bring a lot of traffic.

There are lots more content ideas but these 13 can get you started and take you considerably far if you are consistent at it. You can commit to coming up with one article per day.

Just in case you need more help on knowing exactly how to get started feel free to mention in the comment section below or reach out to us at [email protected].


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