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The Opportunity In Crisis: How to Play to Win

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April 6, 2020
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COVID – 19 is changing the world drastically. Virtually every activity that involves direct human contact has been shut down but have you noticed that the only things that seem unaffected are those that have been systemized to allow them to run virtually online? If it can be done online, you can be sure it is still up and running. An example is some of your banking transactions.

Perhaps this caught you unprepared. You’ve stayed long enough at home and it is almost running you crazy that you can’t do anything about it. In times like this, you can position yourself strategically now, to come out on top when everything settles down. During this time of crisis, it is the best time to put yourself out there and become a leader in your field of expertise.

Don’t put your head down, complain about how business is going bad. Rather lookup, dig into your treasures of knowledge. What can you share, what can you give out continuously that keeps you and your prospects and clients connected and talking? Then go online and connect with them. Use email, use LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other medium you can think of. Find where your clients or prospects will likely congregate and start a conversation or join their conversation and answer their questions.

Look for gaps to fill, connect the dots, connect people, promote your expertise, be the middle man, and keep yourself in business. This is the time to increase your communication with all your clients. This is where you can be the voice of reason, clarity and hope. Do not reduce your efforts. Get more value out there. What you do in times like this is to double efforts because your competition will most likely do the opposite and try to wait for the storm to pass and then resume. If you connect now, maintain the connection and provide valuable content that your clients and prospects actually find useful. After the storm guess who they will remember. You.

Lead from home. Give value from home. Connect from home. Be relevant from home. Make home your office. If you don’t have a home office you can do the following:
– Convert a section of your home into an office. You really need the space to cut off on distractions, at least to an extent.
– Next get tools which you will need, example a laptop or desktop, internet access, a phone, and a “work in progress” sign.
– Get tools/use platforms that will help you manage your activities and communications and interactions – Hubspot, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Webinarjam, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
– Dress comfortably enough to give you that sense of being at work. Do not dress casually. That would make you too relaxed and take away the serious feeling work needs with it.
– Share your time between work and breaks. Do have a closing time. This will help to give you a feel of actually working.

You don’t have to let the lockdown/COVID -19 totally determine what you can or cannot do. What is under your control can be taken advantage of to keep your business relevant out there. Online social media platforms are available for you. You should and can actually make the best use of the crisis [see the opportunity in the crisis] and make something out of it for yourself.

Smart people are always on the lookout for opportunities, and most times they find them. Though you are staying home to be safe, make something out of this situation.
Be Safe, Be Smart.


Tolu Akintade

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