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3 Must Have Components of Law Firms E-Newsletter That Engaged Clients

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3 Must Have Components of Law Firms E-Newsletter That Engaged Clients

Components of Law Firms E-NewsletterYes, your law firm, definitely needs an e-newsletter, and you may ask why;

You see, the more positivity your clients and prospects have with you, the better the possibility of them hiring you, having an e-newsletter is the easiest way to systemize your follow-up for your clients and prospects.

For a potential client, it shows them your nature and the culture of your law firm, and it may very well answer one or two legal questions they have on their minds, so, you are giving them value without charging them, which is a plus for you.

For a customer, it shows them that you still have them in mind, you didn’t just collect their monies and forgot about them, and it keeps you at the top of their mind, any time they need your services.


Components a Law Firm e-newsletter should contain are:

  1. Educational content
  2. Entertaining content (it could be a story or something personal to you)
  3. Have an offer

Educational content

The best way to educate your client and potential client in your e-newsletter, is to write content about topics related to your practice area(s), and this makes you become an authority in that area(s), and they will be geared to asking you questions in respect to that area(s) of law. They will hire you because they know you are an authority in such area(s) of law, and they will even refer their friends and family to you when they have legal issues on such area(s)  Law. So in this way, you have positioned yourself as an authority in that area(s) of Law.

Entertaining content 

In writing you e-newsletter, don’t hesitate to share your opinion on things going on around you and in the world at large, share your opinion on current news, local and international news, stories about your community, write about your interests, maybe some things you do, that will help them in their interest etc. These will endear them to you, and it relaxes them.

Have an Offer

Absolutely, the end goal of your e-newsletter should be an offer, because if your client/potential client takes their time to read through all you have to say and they find it valuable, whatever you tell them to do at the end, they will listen to you.

The offer is that point in your e-newsletter where you give them something that will make them raise their hands and say, they will like to get more information from you. the more information may be introducing them to your services or whatever you have to offer them at that point in time.

The more times a client/potential client spends reading your information and learning about you and your law firm, the more likely they are to hire you/keep hiring you.

So take this time to start writing your e-newsletter, and am always here to help.


To Your Success


Mayowa Imasuen

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