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3 Secrets to Attaining and Maintaining Good Health that Many People Gloss Over

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3 Secrets to Attaining and Maintaining Good Health that Many People Gloss Over

3 secrets to attaining and maintaining good health that many people gloss overGiving a shout out to you who is willing to lead a healthy lifestyle.  This post is about 3 secrets to attaining and maintaining good health that many people gloss over or ignore.

Obviously, everybody wants to live long, healthy and fulfilling lives.  But not everybody is willing to do what it takes. If you are like me, sometimes the work involved in getting what you want can look like an uphill task.

Back to our discussion,  how do we live long healthy lives?

Is it by doing regular health checkups, keeping all our doctors’ appointments and eating good food?

The answer is NO.

I can see you raise your eyebrow and wonder… “is that really true?”

without any hesitation, it’s true.  In this post, I’m going to share with you 3 secrets to living healthy that many people gloss over or ignore.

They are simply:
1. Nourish your body daily.
2. Cleanse your body.
3. Move your body daily

These three statements are the secrets to attaining and maintaining good health.


1. Nourish Your Body Daily

Every single day, our bodies require energy for basic functions like walking, sitting, running. We get sick when the demands made by the daily tasks on our body outweighs the nourishment we have put into it. This happens due to a lack of nourishment, poor quality of nourishment or demanding too much from our body.

So how do we deal with this?

I can hear someone say eat a balanced diet.
You are very correct.

Now, we’ve been taught that a good part of the meal should be carbohydrates and proteins.

That is great if you do a lot of manual labour as carbohydrates are a great source of energy and also proteins build the cells. But to combat illnesses and to strengthen the immune system, we need vitamins, minerals and enzymes. These are gotten from fruits, vegetables and foods that are not processed or overcooked.

Now don’t go and eat everything raw.

You can cook your starchy vegetables and some of the leafy vegetables. The leafy vegetables should not be overcooked so you get the enzymes and vitamins working in your body. Once they are overcooked you are just eating chaff.

Once we’ve nourished our bodies, the next thing is to ensure all toxins are removed daily from our bodies. That takes us to the second secret which is cleansing the body.


2. Cleanse

Our daily activities and advancement in technology bring us face to face with toxins every day. These toxins should be cleansed daily from our system.

But how are they cleansed?

Simple. Go to the loo. Sometimes, even our excretory system needs a little help.

Again, food comes to the rescue.

Whole fruits and fruit juices help cleanse the body. If you feel you really need a major cleanse you can go on a juice fast or fruit fast. What either of these ensures you move your bowels. Hence,  all the waste is removed from the body. You will also notice that you urinate a lot more.

You also don’t have to wait to do a fruit fast, make it a habit every morning to have a bowl of fruits or a cup of juice.


3. Move Your Body Daily.

We were made to move not to stay in one place. That’s why we are blessed with two legs. It’s not only for working. Make it a routine to do some daily exercise to help keep your body fit, metabolism high and muscles flexible.

You don’t have to go hardcore on yourself,  you can start with 10 minutes a day exercise and graduate into 30 mins, then 1 hour. But keep it consistent.

You can still be a healthier, stronger you by making sure you eat foods that cleanse and nourish your body daily.

Would you like to achieve a stronger and healthier you?

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