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5 Ideas for Creating Marketing Content that Attracts for Your Law firm

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5 Ideas for Creating Marketing Content that Attracts for Your Law firm

Headsup, this post is about ‘5 Ideas for Creating Marketing Content that attracts for Your Law firm.  If you want to know how to create effective content that converts,  this is for you. if you haven’t read my previous post on ‘How to Leverage the Associations and Connections of Your Top Clients for Growth’, read it here

Back to our discussion.

There’s no question that most modern law firms know content marketing can attract new leads, increase their client base, and establish their reputation as the authority in a specific niche. Unfortunately, most firms lack the proper strategy and resources to make a significant impact on their bottom line. A remarkably small number of firms have a documented content marketing plan, and a much fewer number have a dedicated professional overseeing content development.

Developing content is key to the marketing efforts of all law firms. There’s no question that content is king in law firm marketing. I want to make it a little easier for you by sharing with you 5 ideas for creating marketing content that attracts for your Law firm. As a matter of fact, ideas for content marketing are all around you; you just need to be aware of them.


  1. Stick to Your Niche

You might think that a broad approach to content marketing will attract a more diverse range of clients, but it can be more effective to focus on your niche. This is a key part of thought leadership, a proven marketing method that can help position your firm as an expert within the legal industry. The approach instils trust in relevant potential clients and could even attract media attention. When you put yourself out there as an expert in a specific area of specialization or brief handling, your firm attracts attention from the right audience and solidifies your brand.


  1. Get inspiration from the News

Keep your finger on the pulse of emerging issues in your niche and use them in a process called “newsjacking.” This technique involves taking recent developments in your practice area, like an important court decision or issuance of new regulation, and providing your own opinions and commentary to it.

Newsjacking ensures your content isn’t simply a regurgitation of existing media outlets, but a new perspective in the discussion. Your content will contribute to the conversation and engage an existing and potential clients base. Writing about topical issues also improves your online visibility, enhancing and reinforcing your authority and expertise in the field.

It’s easy to set up Google Alerts that will notify you of any breaking stories related to your niche area. Take the ideas you find, blog about them with your unique thoughts on the matter. Then promote these posts via your social network channels, your newsletters, or other traffic sources.


  1. Go Beyond ‘Text’ Borders

Content can be much more than words on a screen. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” isn’t just a cliché! Incorporating visual elements into your content marketing strategy will have a powerful impact.

For example, your firm can send a holiday card during the holiday season to employees, clients, and business partners. In addition to spreading festive cheer, the holiday card reinforces brand loyalty and keeps the firm in the minds of its network.


  1.  Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

While in-depth articles are critical to showcasing your expertise, if your goal is brand awareness, humour almost always wins. You are relating with people showing your fun side at times will make it more authentic and real.


  1. Have a Conversation With Your Clients & Show them You Care

Many law firms become so focused on the substance of their content that they forget about the human element to their practice. Showcasing your expertise through content using a conversation tone will improve the overall clients’ experience and engagement.


How Can You Tell Your Efforts Are Paying Off?

Do you want to create content marketing that engages your audience? Learn what resonates with your email subscribers, blog visitors, and social followers by analyzing the number of comments, social shares, new subscribers (or unsubscribers), page views per visit, time on site, and new business inquiries.  Make sure you have a strong call-to-action at the bottom and sides of your content. Whatever you analyze, it’s important to consider whether your content marketing is successful and how it can be improved. That’s the beauty of the internet. Everything can be measured and improved.

I trust these 5 ideas for creating marketing content that attracts for your Law firm has made it easier and better for you?

Don’t leave your law firm’s content marketing efforts to chance.



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