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Would You Want to Publicise Your Services? Your warm Market are a Valuable Resource 

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Would You Want to Publicise Your Services? Your warm Market are a Valuable Resource 

Would You Want to Publicise Your Services? Would you want to publicize your expertise, services, special offer, or event? You want bloggers, journalists, influencers, YouTubers, and so on to be aware of you and mention you to their followers or conduct an interview with you.  You’re looking for information on a new market or the people who work in it.

Your best friends are research and direct outreach. However, someone you already know could be an even greater buddy.

You could know someone who knows the host of the webinar you want to listen to. Perhaps one of your clients has worked with the expert you want to interview for your blog. Perhaps you know a consultant, executive, or industry insider who can connect you with the right individual to address your questions.

It could be as close as a phone call to whatever you want or need.

It could be as simple as sending an email or posting on social media.
People in your warm market are a valuable resource for you, and you should go to them first when you need something.
It’s much better than making contact with strangers, which I’m sure isn’t one of your favourite pastimes.
People you know may be able to help you with information, introductions, and referrals.
It shouldn’t be difficult to enlist their assistance because they know you and probably trust and like you.
If they are unable to assist, they may be able to refer you to someone who can.
“Who in my network might be able to help?” Ask yourself, regardless of what’s on your present “want” list.
Who am I to see?
What are their connections?
Just one more thing.

You may not require anything at this time, but it is an excellent opportunity to connect with individuals in your network and inquire about their needs.

Such as Information? Introductions? Recommendations? Do you want a second opinion?

Make them aware that you are available if and when they require assistance.

It gives you an excellent reason to reconnect with your network and paves the road for a future time when you may require their assistance.





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