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Why Does Your Law Firm Need a Client Persona?

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Why Does Your Law Firm Need a Client Persona?

personaYou should not just focus on the quality of our website content. Your content should be targeting the right potential clients. Lawyers may think content should appeal to a broad audience because they’re afraid that ultra-specific content might deplete the number of visitors they could get. This is not true.

The fact is that Lawyers may actually find that their content flops when they try to appeal to everyone. One of the best ways to ensure that your law firm’s content will reach the right people is to create client personas.

Benefits Lawyers Can Get from Having Client Personas

A client persona is an imagined individual (or individuals, in some cases) created to represent the ideal client. Your content should have detail, and your client persona should have detail, too. The more detailed the description, the better you can target the right prospective clients. By writing quality content that addresses their questions, you’ll speak to their personality. Your content may resonate better when it’s focused to a specific kind of person.

Personas can help lawyers narrow their audience. What questions does this particular demographic ask? What is the best way to convey that information to them? Personas can ensure that you have clarity about who you’re speaking to.

There are some questions worth asking to narrow the field and reach the right clients. Start with the basics when you create a persona and increase your specificity…

  • What is this person’s age?
  • Is your potential client married?
  • Do they have children?
  • Is he/she educated? How educated?
  • What is their personality like?
  • Who or what motivates them?
  • What is their behavior like?

With this understanding, you can speak directly to this persona and thereby, a specific group of people.

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