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Timeless Pill For All Weekends…And A Favour!

National Institute for Policy & Strategic Studies (NIPSS) Kuru V. Kraus Thompson Organisation & 3 Ors
July 21, 2015
Ecotrade Limited V. Alhaji (Chief) Sikiru Alabi Macfoy & Anor
July 27, 2015
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Timeless Pill For All Weekends…And A Favour!


Don’t you just love the weekends?

A great time to catch your breath, and put a chill pill on those outrageous work schedules.Wait a minute. I hope you take time out from your busy schedule, and put a pause on it. I will not waste so much time on the importance of rest for your body. 

If my guess is right, all the brain work you do during the week, will definitely put your entire body system in over-drive. So if you are still in bed and reading this…bravo. If you are already up. Take a nap later this afternoon. 

Doctor’s order!
I did not forget. A massive shout with loads of love and appreciation for all the wonderful testimonials I got last week. I lie not, after reading the testimonial on weight loss, I actually got up to do the victory dance at work and everyone thought I was high on some cheap drug. Believe me when I say I know the feeling of dropping a few pounds. Before I lose track of my agenda, let me say thank you once more. My Oga is happy with me, my colleagues are happy with me and I am happy with me. Thank you so much. 

I have had a swell head all week long. It was so bad, that I decided to treat myself to some ice cream from ColdStone yesterday. Bad habit? I know but it gave
me inspiration for the topic, Diabetes.
As much as I come up with health challenges, and issues to address each week, I would need to know if  the above topic and how to manage it, is something
that would be useful to you. Please send me a mail confirming this.


In the mean time lets go over a few healthy habits we are trying to imbibe over the past 5 weeks.
1. Drink water often (a cup every one hour for 8 hours)
2. Short walks every morning
3. Take a clove of garlic every morning with lemon ( the lemon is to fight the odor from garlic)
4. Add more vegetables to your diet
5. Put a pause on your brain and actually rest.
And for the big one.
6. Take a vacation.
Don’t forget, I need feedback so we can tackle the topic of Diabetes. It would be a pleasure to hear from you.
Have a lovely weekend.
Dr. Rebekah Olofin
(The Legal Doc.)
Who would like to meet me at the upcoming NBA conference?

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