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The Digital Marketing Road Map For Law Firms

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November 6, 2018
November 15, 2018
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The Digital Marketing Road Map For Law Firms


The first step is to identify your Customer/Client Avatar.

To connect and provide value to the right clients, every law firm needs to know and understand their ideal clients. Not everyone out there will be a suitable match to you for your services. Therefore, you need to have a very clear idea in your mind who you want to do business with. You need to know the kind of person that needs your services.

Who is your ideal client? What are his/her pains? What motivates them? What is their average day like? What attracts or repels them? What do they respond to? You should know your ideal client thoroughly for you to be able to craft the right kind of message that will resonate with them. Your messaging must match your “market.” It must call out directly to them. For example in a room full of 99 doctors and one lawyer, someone steps in and says “Barrister!” Who is likely to turn around and respond? You guessed right. The “Right Message” to the right “Market” will elicit the expected kind of response.

You can create a “vision” of who your ideal client is. This is known as an avatar. Creating an avatar is important because it helps you answer questions concerning your services. It helps you to identify your best client that is likely to take advantage of your services again and again and respond positively to your messages.

With an avatar you can determine:

  • Where to find your ideal client
  • How to find them
  • What messaging speaks directly to them
  • What their pains are and how you can position your services to provide solutions that they need
  • What additional services you can provide that you are currently not doing


  • An avatar is a fictitious character that represents true qualities and characteristics of your ideal customer/client
  • You can have more than one avatar
  • You have to be very specific about your avatar’s story with as many details as possible
  • Use your avatar to develop ideas on how to reach them and the right kind of messaging to use that will attract them to you showing them how your services will provide value to them and solve their problems

Any part of the marketing process that “touches” the customer/client (which is pretty much EVERYTHING) will improve when you have a clearer understanding of your customer/client avatar.

After all, it’s a ‘person’ that asks for your services. It pays to get a clear understanding of the characteristics of that person, so you can find and present them with a message about your services that moves them to take action.

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