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Simple Little Tricks To Loose Weight Part 2

We Celebrate Today, You Are Special!!!
October 6, 2015
The Value Of A Blog For A Law Firm
October 14, 2015
We Celebrate Today, You Are Special!!!
October 6, 2015
The Value Of A Blog For A Law Firm
October 14, 2015


One thing that was clear to me after reading from you is that I am not alone in wanting to look and feel good. Each person identified specific areas they’ll like to loose weight in. So, we’re going to go into specifics but first, it’s necessary to look at the basic rules of weight loss. This way, we’ll make the best of our weight loss efforts when we do start.

The Basic Rules

  1. What You Take In Must Be Less Than What Goes Out

Whether it’s your meals, snacks, drinks, etc. Whatever goes into your mouth should be used up or find a way to come out of your  body. If not, it settles in your system as fat and that is a no-no especially if you’re thinking about weight loss. If it’s not used up, it needs to be burnt off, one way or the other.

        (For those who “hate” exercise, don’t worry. Exercise is not the only way to burn of fat.)


  1. Consistency Is The Key To Weight Loss Success

There are various methods such as meal plans, exercise regimens and other tricks that you can use to lose weight. They however must be done consistently.

Consistency is key in weight loss and lack of it is the major reason many individuals fail to lose any weight or if they do, they very quickly add on all the weight they lost. The best way to maintain consistency is to get an accountability partner – someone who will keep you on your toes, making sure you do the necessary basics daily.


  1. Water is Vital

Did you know that your body is 70% water? Have you heard the phrase “water of life”? Water plays a vital role in ensuring that you lose weight and still look great. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Water is also essential in ensuring that wastes – which are mostly responsible for the weight gain and fat build up – are pushed out of the body.


  1. Exercise

I realise that some people may not be comfortable with exercise but it is an important part of your weight loss journey that can’t be ignored. Have you seen people, maybe friends or family, who lose weight but rather than look good, they look malnourished, famished and you’re thinking “I don’t want to lose weight if I’m going to look like that?”The reason they look that way is that they reduce their food portions but totally leave out exercise which leaves their bodies untoned and they look malnourished.

Exercise keeps your muscles toned and your body firm. So, when you’re losing weight, you change your diet and put in a little exercise, you find out not only are you losing the weight, but you’re also looking good. You could exercise for as little as 10 minutes daily. That’s all you need to ensure that, you look good even while losing weight.

Now, you know the basic rules of any and every weight loss programme. Next week, we’ll look at helping you lose weight in the various areas you specified. One thing, I will like to ask you to do this week is ensure daily that you take 8 glasses of water. After 8pm when you feel like snacking drink water, let’s start with that habit first.


Will you need help with ensuring that you do this daily?

Well, I will like to give you that help by sending you daily reminders. If you would like me, to remind you daily of what to do to lose weight, please leave your number in the comment section and I will include you on my special Whatsapp group for weight loss.


Let me know today so I can start reminding you on Monday. Have a great weekend. Don’t forget you can lose weight. It’s possible to look and feel great in your own body.



Don’t forget to, leave your number if, you will like to be part of my “special Whatsapp group for weight loss” .

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