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Sneak Peek At The Components Of Our Remote Office Operations

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Sneak Peek At The Components Of Our Remote Office Operations

You know it and I know it…

You would like to know how we are still able to provide all our services to you without any break, with the major disrupt worldwide as a result of the COVID – 19 pandemic?

Here is a bird’s-eye view of some of the things we put in place to maintain full operations since the COVID – 19 outbreak.


We projected the possible impact of the pandemic from the initial outbreak on the operations of businesses and ours and took immediate steps to move our operation fully online if it continued. Some of our operations involve physical interactions. Those were the ones we had to quickly strategize and move completely online. We migrated all of our office operations online with the help of technology and commenced full Remote Office operations and locked down our physical offices a week before the lockdown was announced by the president.


Since we migrated to remote office operations, we’ve never missed a day “at work.” I admit though, that it did take a bit of adjusting to because setting up an office at home isn’t the same as actually being in the office to work. This is the third week since the full migration and office activities and operations have continued as usual.


For me, it has been a great adventure working completely online. If you had asked me a month ago, I wouldn’t have been able to answer positively that I could work fully from home. Today, that it is working, is already history. IT IS WORKING WELL!


This was made possible because of the remote office systems and tools that we set in place.

Below are some components of our remote office operations that we have in place.

Components of our Remote Office Operations:

1. Automated Dashboard:

This helps to capture the activities of everyone on a daily basis. At a glance you will be able to know the progress of each team member’s tasks and responsibilities based on the report that is on the dashboard without asking individuals or team members for their progress report.


2. Automated processes for routing documents:

This is an automated process for routing documents for approval or sending and receiving files from team members with speed and great ease.


3. Client Attraction Processes:

The lifeblood of any business is its clients. We put in place a completely online process for attracting and acquiring new clients to do business with us without having direct physical interactions or contact with them. This bordered on setting up:

     (i) Multi Chanel social media sources:

This enables us to constantly provide value and always engage with our clients and prospects.

     (ii) Evergreen funnel:

This is a marketing funnel that is constantly running without any form of input or monitoring, directly by us. It keeps capturing new leads, attracting prospects, engaging with them and finally converting them to clients.


4. Referral Strategy:

This is a fully systemized referral strategy that is in place to keep generating hot leads who are referred to us by satisfied clients and friends of the house.


5. Auto Responder For Email Engagement:

We use an email unto responder to keep our clients and prospective clients engaged with valuable contents. With an auto-responder, we can work on different content and information to be delivered to everybody or groups of people at preset times. We are able to keep engagement high by communication regularly.


6. Online Meeting platform:

This platform enables our team to meet on every working day at the beginning and close of work or as we decide. We conduct all our marketing and operations meetings this way. Typical meeting platforms allow video, audio, screen sharing, document sharing and chatting.


7.  A Remote Computer Access Software.

Sometimes we need to have direct access to a client’s computer to help resolve issues. With the lockdown, physical visits are not possible. With software like this, you can remotely access a computer and perform certain operations with the permission of the owner. We are able to attend to clients who aren’t tech savvy, to troubleshoot and resolve issues with their computers.


The post is getting too long,  It is better I stop here for now.  Will pick it up another time if you so wish.

What we’ve covered so far, are a few of the tools we have in place to keep our remote office operations going at full steam. The good thing about the things I have listed out above is that you too can use any of them to keep the operations of your firms going. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or clarifications, or if you want to get your virtual office up and running. Send us a mail [email protected].


To Your Success

Luke Ikekpolor

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