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Email List: The #1 Business Tool To Use During A Crisis

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Email List: The #1 Business Tool To Use During A Crisis

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A lot of businesses are working hard to REDUCE their costs and expenses. The pandemic has totally changed the face of business worldwide. Revenues have seen a very steep decline. Consumer confidence is low. Most people are in a save-all-you’ve-got mode. Firms and businesses are looking for very cost-effective ways to remain in front of customers and clients. In the midst of all of these things, how do you keep communicating and making yourself heard by your clients?


One thing I have come to appreciate all the more especially with the outbreak of the pandemic is that having an email list is very paramount to any business owner. With the lockdown of different parts of Nigeria and the slowing down of the economy, this is one time you could have leveraged on your email list if you had taken the time to build one. If you did not build one, now is the perfect time to get started.


An email list is a great asset to have especially now that businesses are at a standstill and movement is restricted. Recently I got an email with some very interesting stats about email.  Here are 4 STATS that explain it all.

4 STATS of Using Email:

“#1 – There are 4.6 Billion Email Addresses in The World…

So, even though there is so much buzz about things like “Facebook has 2 Billion users” – think about this. Email is what INVENTED the Internet. Old is gold. There are literally over 4.6 Billion Email addresses!

This is an open market for you to access – no matter what the economy is doing.


#2 – 66% of People Say They Purchased a Product/Service BECAUSE of an Email…

… This is PROOF that consumers lean on EMAIL to make decisions. This is a very key thing to look at…


#3 – 72% PREFER Email Communication From Businesses.

Another key statistic. This is consumers TELLING us that they are checking their Emails and they want us to email them.


#4 – BIGGEST Data:  For Every $1 Invested in Email, $38 Comes Back Out…

That’s a 3,800% RETURN on Investment. Think about that for a minute. 3,800%+!

Where else will you get that? This is all the more reason you really need to start building an Email list…”


The case for building an email list is quite convincing. If you haven’t implemented email as a tool in your law firm, now is the time to start. Current happenings provide a truly amazing opportunity right now to start using Email in your firm.


Your main focus especially in a crisis like this is not to promote your services so much as it is to provide more value and promote greater communication with your clients and prospects.


As a business owner, your game plan for 2020 should be to use content as a major driver and use it to continue to build your list. Great content especially through email has the potential of deepening relationships with clients. Great content attracts a great audience. People gather always around juicy content. When you have an audience gathered, it gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise and make you the preferred choice on legal matters.


Email list is great tool in a time like this where most people are stuck at home and probably working remotely. Many of your clients are probably glued to their mobile phones and have some spare time to themselves.


Remember, in all your communications lead with value and empathy and keep the communication constant. It is a relationship you are nurturing, constant communication is a strong driver for success. Creative law firm email marketing, when done right, can be an enormous asset to you and your law firm. As a lawyer, the use of email helps to keep your current and prospective clients aware of your activities, inform them of relevant information you wish them to have and educate them on various topics and issues of interest.


If you don’t have an email list of your clients and prospects, start building one today.

Use email communication in your firm today to build relationships with new clients and strengthen the old ones and drive client engagement.


If you need any help or have any questions, shoot us a mail – [email protected].

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