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[NBA AGC 2015] Legalpedia Says Thank You!!!

[NBA AGC 2015 Day 2] – NBA Showcase Session
August 25, 2015
Back To School, Back To Bar And Back To Bench Promo!
September 2, 2015
[NBA AGC 2015 Day 2] – NBA Showcase Session
August 25, 2015
Back To School, Back To Bar And Back To Bench Promo!
September 2, 2015


Even good things must have an end. How sad! But all good memories don’t have an end.
Ours is just beginning.
We can’t believe the conference is actually over.

We know this is kinda late. We apologize. Please pardon us. P-l-e-e-a-a-s-e!
We sincerely hope you had a swell time at Abuja, (we did) and you had a stress-free journey back home.

The conference was a blast for us. I’m sure you guessed right! It was because of YOU! WOW! You simply overwhelmed us. It was truly a memorable event for us. We want to say THANK YOU for your patronage.

THANK YOU for being a part of our story. THANK YOU for believing in us to deliver value to you.

THANK YOU for your trust. We don’t take it lightly. We consider it a great honour.

THANK YOU for sharing with us. To us, that is one thing we can never thank you enough for. Your feedback was awesome. We cherish that. We always love to hear from you.

We are here to serve you, and give you value. It’s only from you that we can truly know what YOU need. THANK YOU for telling us.


Quite a number of you requested for more information about the PROFITABLE LAW FIRM SUMMIT we are hosting and THE HEALTHY LAWYER PLAN product.
We will shortly release the final information you need concerning that.

Please feel free to let us know how we can be of further help to you. We are all about serving you the person and you the legal practitioner and your firm. What will you like to hear from us? What will you like us to do for you now that the conference is over … just hit the comment button and let us know. We are waiting!

Thank you again.

To Your Success!
Mayowa Johnson

Remember, the discount coupon in the Legalpedia parcel we gave you last week, is valid till the 19th of this month. Quickly redeem it by purchasing ANY version of our BRAND NEW Legalpedia before it’s too late. After the 19th the door closes forever on getting your discount and especially on our lifetime access.

Got any questions? Leave us a comment. Whatever you do, hurry because it’s going away … forever. You certainly don’t want to miss out especially on a lifetime access to the largest digital depository of legal resources in Nigeria and we dare say, the most beautiful and user friendly anywhere in the market right now (You don’t believe us? You just give it a try … you will fall in love … again)

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