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HUGE SURPRISE For You. But Only Limited Time

March 11, 2022
The Prerogative In The Exercise Of Evaluation Of Evidence
March 30, 2022
March 11, 2022
The Prerogative In The Exercise Of Evaluation Of Evidence
March 30, 2022
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HUGE SURPRISE For You. But Only Limited Time

Yes, we have a huge surprise for you.  Just read on.

Imagine a platform that allows you to connect with other lawyers in your firm or connect with your peers or just about anybody, to share ideas, discuss or simply collaborate.

Imagine a platform where you can build your reputation and brand among your peers, position yourself and contribute within your team or group.

Can you see the possibilities if you can organize and make annotations as you work, for easier reference? The difference it will make if you can share your own notes for other team members to see as you collaborate? What will that do to productivity, to the quality of work?

What if you want fast and reliable answers to a question that someone else knows and you can easily ask by just initiating a chat or asking within a team or group you belong to?

What if you just simply search and get answers from the insights and contributions of hundreds and thousands of lawyers on a particular issue? Think of the depths of insight and value you’ll get!

Imagine a platform where you can create articles, share your notes, your expertise, opinions and experiences with your colleagues, a team. A platform where you can share content with the outside world, through WhatsApp, LinkedIn or Twitter etc.

Welcome to the era of Community and Collaboration!

That’s where we are taking you to. It is not a dream. It will soon be your reality!
We are shutting down the Legalpedia Research tool that you know.

We are ushering in something better and more revolutionary for you. Something
to help you get fast and reliable answers you can absolutely bank on.

Something to boost your productivity and save you costs and time spent in getting work done, build your brand and position yourself as an authority!

We want you to have that added advantage in fulfilling your career dreams.

This is beyond research. This is when 1 = 1 is not equal to 2 but more than 2.

This is the power of community and collaboration for exponential growth!

Surprise gift.

You can get started for FREE! You don’t have to pay a single kobo to have a taste of it for the next few weeks. The cost is all on us. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

We’ve made it so easy for you that all you have to do is:

1.       Click on this link
2.       On the login page, click on “Forgot Password” and enter your email for a password reset link to be sent to you.
3.       Click on the reset link in the email sent to you and on the new web page it opens, set a new password.

   Now you can log in.

That’s all!

You must use the email you used to register to be able to create an account.

If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check your Junk/Spam just in case your email provider mistakenly flagged it.

Any clarification, equity if you are a new person, contact us here at +2348086758325



PS. This is exclusively for you and a few othersIt is NOT available to the general public. You cannot share this with others.


But only for a limited time. You don’t have anything to lose. It’s a no brainer.
It is like eating your cake and still having it!!

Go, go, go!

Click here to set up your account now or you might miss it if you wait.

Luke Ikekpolor
Luke Ikekpolor
Personal and Business Growth specialist, Author, Sales Trainer. I show you how to discover your purpose, accelerate growth & maximise your full potential. I'm currently a business growth accelerator specialist at Legalpedia Nigeria Limited.

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