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LinkedIn For Lawyers

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July 15, 2021
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17 Social Media Post Ideas for Lawyers and Law Firms
July 15, 2021
Solutions To Back Pain You Won’t Hear From Your Medical Doctor
July 15, 2021
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LinkedIn For Lawyers

Linkedin for lawyersIn this part of the world, some lawyers are still not comfortable with getting clients or briefs online, especially the older ones. They feel that their work is too sophisticated for referrals of such nature. That is what this post-Linkedin for lawyers is about.  You need to know that the first thing people do before deciding to buy your service or do business with you when they receive your business card is to Google you. That’s the most normal thing to do these days.

You should view your website and LinkedIn profile as branding tools for your practice because that’s what they are. As a matter of fact, LinkedIn is oftentimes a person’s first impression of you, so it is important that you wow them with an incredible profile.

The truth is that many professionals know that LinkedIn is good for them (including lawyers), but they don’t understand why or how it works. understanding it can, and will, help you grow your practice and personal brand if you use it properly. LinkedIn is among the most popular social networks for lawyers, it’s essential that you utilize your account to the fullest.

Here are 7 recommendations on LinkedIn for you:

1.     Headline

This is how people are going to find you. Make sure your name and title are consistent with what you have on your website and other social sites.

2.     Picture

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. People respond really well to pictures. It won’t cost you much to go into a studio and get a professional headshot taken (not passport picture on!). Don’t use a photo that is 25 years old or a model shot with hair blowing in the wind, something blurry or anything that doesn’t present you in the best possible light.

3.     Cover Photo

On LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to add a background image. LinkedIn calls it a cover photo. Add a company logo or something professionally relevant to your practice.

4.     Contact Information

There’s no point in having a great profile if someone doesn’t know how to get a hold of you. Include all of your contact information such as email address, website address, other social media accounts handles, phone number if you want (though optional) etc.

5.     Summary

Include an excellent and succinct summary about yourself and your practice with everything a potential client needs to know about you (without having to read your entire profile). This should be written in the first person. These days, less is more, and attention spans are short.

6.     Additional Information

LinkedIn has a feature called “Add a section to your profile” located underneath the contact information box near the top of the page. This gives you a chance to add information such as work experience, education, skills, certifications, organizations, associations, publications, speaking engagements, volunteering experiences, etc.

Update the skill section and make sure that your skills reflect what your potential clients are searching for in a lawyer.

7.     LinkedIn Company Page

If you have your own firm, you should also create a company page. Use this page as another profile page for your firm. It will also help you to be found in the LinkedIn company page search engines.

An extra one…

Be a Regular Person 

Include a few of your interests that will make your audience identify with you. Sometimes people will contact you because they share a love for the same activity or are a member of the same organization. In general, though, this is like adding an interests section to your resume; it makes you look like a real person where common interests might be found.


Are you interested in a total LinkedIn profile makeover?

Shoot us an email at [email protected].  We will take the burden off you.

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