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17 Social Media Post Ideas for Lawyers and Law Firms

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July 15, 2021
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July 15, 2021
Social Media For Lawyers 101 – Making A Case
July 15, 2021
LinkedIn For Lawyers
July 15, 2021
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17 Social Media Post Ideas for Lawyers and Law Firms

17 Social Media Post Ideas for Lawyers and Law FirmsSince the advent of Covid 19, more lawyers have to realised that having an active social media presence is imperative to remain competitive. Whether you agree or not, your existing and potential clients already ‘live’ there. And believe me, Nigeria is no exception. However, it’s only a few that understand how to develop and maintain an effective social media presence for the long term. Usually, this challenge also stems from a lack of ideas of what to post from time to time.  In this post,  I’m going to share with you 17 social media post ideas for lawyers and Law Firms. The purpose of which is to create strong client connections and, ultimately turn to more and better business for your firm.

With the content pieces, you can share with your social media audiences across platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others (by the way, in my last post, I promised to share these with you. Read it here) with these, you will never run out of a variety of exciting yet effective posts for your social media platforms.

Here they are:

  1. Share client tips:

Purpose: Giving your audience some general advice that is helpful and educational

Example: A divorce lawyer can share tips about dividing assets, considering mediation, or even deciding who gets to keep what.


  1. Post breaking news:

Purpose: Sharing current events, developing legal issues, and providing relevant and interesting stories as pertains to your practice areas.

Example: A Lawyer that specializes in Labour cases can share news stories about a company fined for violating the rights of its workers provided by the Labour Law.


  1. Post opinion pieces:

Purpose: Giving your followers a deeper understanding of key issues.

Example: Sharing an opinion on any position of the Law (it could be a dissenting one, this is good for evoking engagement from your audience)


  1. Share useful content excerpts:

Purpose: Tease your audience’s curiosity.

Example: Sharing informative passages or statistics from your blog content.


  1. Post quotes:

Purpose: Inspire and motivate your audience to be better.

Example: Sharing humorous, inspiring or motivational. It also helps if your quotes are at least related to legal issues or your practice areas.


  1. Fill-in-the-blank posts:

Purpose: For creating fun and encourage participation and interaction.

Example: “If I had N1,000,000 I would _________”


  1. Post behind-the-scenes photos:

Purpose: Making your audience comfortable with your brand and put a touch of reality and humanness to it.

Example: Take candid shots of yourself, your legal team, or casual shots from inside of your law office.


  1. Post questions:

Purpose: To encourage participation and interaction.

Example: “Did you keep your wedding ring after your divorce–and why or why not?”


  1. Link to a guest post:

Purpose: Helps establish you as a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer in your area, it also helps strengthen your general authority.

Example: Link to an article you contributed to another blog or website.


  1. Link to a controversial article:

Purpose: Eliciting engagement. Nothing other than controversy can achieve this.

Example: Link to an article on another website that fulfils this purpose.


  1. Ask for input on your business:

Purpose: Eliciting engagement and ideas to improve your practice.

Example: “How could we be more attentive to your needs during your case?”


  1. Recommend a tool:

Purpose: Giving your audience something helpful that can help them improve on a challenge

Example: A car accident Lawyer can share a free tool or app that walks you through what to do after a traffic collision.


  1. Share a favourite book:

Purpose: Recommending something valuable yet exciting to your audience.

Example: Link to a place to purchase or download the book, and post a short review that explains why you think it would be enjoyable or helpful (It could be fiction too!).


  1. Share a day in the life post:

Purpose: Making your audience comfortable with your brand and put a touch of reality and humanness to it.

Example: Give a recap of a typical day in the life of one of your lawyers or someone else on your legal team. You could add pictures to increase interest and also link to the person’s bio page or LinkedIn profile.


  1. Recommend your favourite products:

Purpose: Recommending something that can help your audience do a certain task more effectively.

Example: Share a list of the products that help you succeed in your law office, from something as small as your favourite pen for taking notes during trial to a type of software you use to organize your office and cases.


  1. Ask for advice:

Purpose: An opportunity to get your audience to participate on your page as well as great opportunities to educate and explore ideas

Example: Pose a hypothetical question and ask your followers what they would do in that situation.


  1. Take a trip down memory lane:

Purpose: Gives your audience a sense of belonging. They’ll begin to feel they are a part of your story.

Example: Share photos of old logos, or headshots. These posts can be either funny or introspective. In the written portion of the post, think about how far you’ve come, your accomplishments, and where you want your law firm to head in the future.

Now, you have more than a dozen ideas for posting on social media. This is by no means an exhaustive list; it’s just to get your creative juices flowing and get you started on building a large following.

However, we know that some lawyers and law offices will need extra help regarding social media strategy. Our  is more than ready to get the most out of social marketing, including, what, when, where, and how to post for your practice. To learn more about our services, or simply to ask a question or meet our team,  shoot us an email at [email protected] or leave a comment below.


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