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Is Religious Freedom So Important? Yay or Nay!

April 18, 2016
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April 20, 2016
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Is Religious Freedom So Important? Yay or Nay!

Religious freedom has and will always be a fundamental part of our human rights.

My opinion: “it actually benefits everyone in the society because it creates conditions for peace, democratisation, development and other human rights. Unfortunately there are increasing instances in several parts of the world where violations of this most basic human right occur.”

I honestly don’t believe that the ‘church’ or ‘mosque’ promoting and protecting religious freedom is not a matter of self-interest. To some extent, it is.

But the truth is, a lack of religious freedom creates socio-economic discrimination. It reduces citizens’ ability to come together and become agents for peaceful change which can ultimately fuel intercommual tension and extremism.

For crying out loud, who doesn’t want to live in a peaceful and comfortable environment…? where everyone is watching out for the next person – mind you not for ill but for good…

I’ll bring it home to Governor El-Rufai’s bill to regulate religious preaching to Kaduna State House of Assembly.

In all fairness to Kaduna Sate Governor, this bill does not restrict anyone’s choice or practice of religion directly. But taking a closer look, it does that indirectly because the propagation on an individual’s religion is a fundamental part of the practice of the religion itself.

I believe, (in a very clear Martin Luther King voice) that there shouldn’t be ANY restriction to the practice of any religion so long as it does not threaten the livelihood of your fellow citizens.

I won’t go on and on. There are lots of debates going on in Nigeria about this bill and I’m not about to add my voice just yet.

Just in case you have not laid eyes on it to draw your own conclusions, click here to download the bill as it presently stands.

Furthermore, Lois and Dinma on their ‘Real Talk for Lawyers’ podcast, had a really interesting and enlightening debate on this bill and I’m sure you would love to hear it. Click here to listen.

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