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Did You Try This?

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April 20, 2016
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Is Religious Freedom So Important? Yay or Nay!
April 20, 2016
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April 23, 2016
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Did You Try This?

Last week, I shared with you what you can actually say to your clients to get referrals from them. Did you actually try it?… waiting for you answer…If you did, did you have any challenge, hit the reply button and share your experience. If you did not… well i will give you another week to try it.

You have to try to implement these few strategies, because it’s little things like these that can set your practice apart from the competition. I bet there are very few law firms that implement such strategies.

I’m sure you want to be at the fore front of it- a positive change in the Nigerian Legal Profession!That been said, let’s move on to what I have for you today. More ways to get more from your client…

The truth is, once a client does business with you for the first time, and they are really satisfied, they will always be drawn back to you.

So, how can you get more from them? In this case, I’m referring to your ‘warm market’ – those that have done business with you before. You stand a better chance of getting more out
of a satisfied client than a fresh prospective client.

So when you go out to see an old client today, at the end of the meeting, ask them if they could give you 10 minutes of their time. Tell him/her you want to ask few questions about your services to them. If you have a phone, get ready to record (But courtesy demands that you ask if they’re
okay with you recording the conversation).

You can use the following questions and probably add anyone you feel you should ask, that’s not here:

  1. What’s your occupation?
  2. What legal issue prompted you to seek legal help?
  3. How did you find me /my company
  4. Did someone introduce me/company?
  5. Did you talk to several other lawyers before you hired me/my company
  6. Why did you choose me/my company
  7. What do you like best working with me/my company
  8. What do you think i/we need to improve on in my/our services
  9. Would you recommend me/my company?

I’m sure he/she will have a whole lot to say, especially if they are satisfied with your service. when you are done, ask them if you could share this on your website or your social media sites. When other clients and your prospects see this, it will help in their decision to hire you!  So give this a try and share your experience with me.


To Your Success!

Mayowa Johnson

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