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Why You Need This Important Tool To Improve Client Loyalty and Retention

How To Turn Your Website Into a Client-Generating Machine
May 25, 2016
July 1, 2016
How To Turn Your Website Into a Client-Generating Machine
May 25, 2016
July 1, 2016
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Why You Need This Important Tool To Improve Client Loyalty and Retention

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Last time, we ended on the note that you need to consistently communicate with your website subscribers in order to build a strong relationship with them and today, we will talk about an important tool that you can use in your legal practice, that will help you improve client loyalty and retention.

Building a relationship with your website subscribers determines if they become customers, if they are loyal and if they stay with you.

They do not just want to hang around doing nothing, they want to always hear from you. Making an effort to do this will ultimately increase your chances of retaining loyal clients.

Therefore, I will share with you a tool that will make this really easy for you. It’s called an Email Autoresponder. 

Now this might sound strange to some of you, but I will explain what it means and how your practice can benefit from it.

An Email Autoresponder is simply a sequence of email marketing messages that gets automatically sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide.

Imagine this…

You have a five-part email series in your autoresponder that delivers great informational value to your potential clients. The purpose of which is to make these potential clients your actual clients in the end.

Thing is, it all starts from the get-go. You want to create a great experience for your very first subscriber as well as every other one that opts into your subscriber list via every message they receive from you.

  1. So immediately they opt-in, you send them a mail, telling them who you are and what they should expect from you next time and constantly.

The beauty about an autoresponder is that it never gets tired. It never needs the weekend off like you or your employee. It’s ALWAYS there working for you! Forever! Plug in the messages you want your list to receive, send them the educational mails, the promotional mails, seasonal mails, the love notes in the mails and do these at the right time.

Once you are sure that these messages are interesting and engaging, your list will always look forward to hearing from you and opening every mail you send them.

So what makes a great email autoresponder?

The first and main thing you should have at the back of your mind when crafting the mails in your autoresponder is ‘it’s about your reader and not about you.’

The primary function of your autoresponder is to take people who are curious about what you do and turn them into raving fans. This invariably means that you MUST put in your best effort to generate content in your autoresponder that makes readers glad every time they click through.

2. After they receive the very first email from you, the purpose of which is to deliver the FREE resource they opted in for and for them to know more about the person behind the legal practice; you want to send them educational/content mails. You want to reassure them that they are in the right place, you have answers to their questions and you can guarantee a transformation. They want to feel comfortable about hearing from and learning about you. This next set of 2 or 3 emails must do that.

Forget about being funny or charming or poetic (like the lawyer you are). It doesn’t matter…really.

Scratch that…

I do advice that you put your personality into everything you send out.

People want to know the real you, the person behind the wig and gown, the stern face in the court room, the bulk load of books under his arm, or the smart lawyer with the Legalpedia SMI-App in his smart device.
They want to see you behind the scenes.

Your content just has to be awfully useful.

What makes your email autoresponder useful?

It’s not all about sending mails because you want to be top of mind for your subscriber list. That’s not the purpose. If you keep at it that way, very soon, they will stop reading your mails and fire you from their inbox (unsubscribe).

  • It has to solve problems your readers have or connect them to articles that do that.
  • It has to give them small, quick wins toward what they ultimately want to achieve.
  • And if it can show you’re a nice, relatable, trustworthy person — not just an expert but a likable expert — that’s even better.

Your autoresponder must be found doing all of these:

  1. Exploring and solving the pain and problems they’re facing today
  2. Painting the picture of what their life will look like with that problem solved
  3. Addressing and overcoming objections
  4. Building trust in you
  5. Buttressing benefits of what you have to offer
  6. Creating intense desire to work with you

You might be wondering, ‘what if my prospect isn’t ready to do business with me just yet? or he isn’t sure I can handle his case?’

Well, great email content will keep him/her engaged with you until he/she is ready. It might take some time, but as long as you are creative with the emails you send out to your list and you are consistent, the time will finally become right.

Tip to note: You need to keep adding to the email sequence so you can keep potential clients interested in hearing from you and engaged so that they always carry out the desired actions and make an informed decision at the time that is right for them. Add more emails, review and edit old ones. Include promotional mails where you showcasing the benefits of your legal practice.

Now, I guess you are wondering what kind of autoresponders to use for your legal practice that will help you save the contacts of visitors that come to site, help you build a strong and cordial relationship with them and in the end, win you clients that can’t wait to have you handle their cases.

I won’t give you a long list of these email autoresponders, because that may just confuse you. So I’ll just say this: most them come with similar features and have a 30 day FREE trial. If you are not happy with the way it works you can try another one.

Let me remind you, it’s not all about making sure you send the emails or that they go out consistently, what’s most important is what and how you write these mails.

So, I want you to get your autoresponder ready and I can review it for you. If you need help with this, you can call our numbers 08164862581 or 08164862518 to get started with generating more clients for your practice with your website.

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