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How To Turn Your Website Into a Client-Generating Machine

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How To Turn Your Website Into a Client-Generating Machine

How-To-Turn-Your-Website-Into-a-Client-Generating-Machine1Did you know that,

  • 50% – 80% of people that come to your website leave and never return?
  • On an average, it takes 7 interactions with a customer before a decision is finally made about you and your services?

Well that’s a fact to many consistent and observant successful internet users but a known fact that many business owners are just finding out.

One major pothole that many websites fall into is, the lack of a system that helps you introduce yourself to your visitors, find out what they need from you (which is, the reason why they came to your site) and most importantly, help them see why you are the best fit for them.

So I guess you may be wondering how can my law firms website achieve that?

It’s simple.

The goal you are trying to achieve is,

  1. Make them comfortable when they arrive
  2. Offer them FREE valuable information that encourages them to keep coming back for more because they perceive you as the “right” solution provider.
  3. Develop a relationship with them
  4. Always be prepared to solve a problem

If the website your law firm owns isn’t doing any of these 4 items I just mentioned, then it needs to be seriously looked at.

To get that done, call this number one of our business consultants right now and get a FREE evaluation of your website and because we love the legal industry so much, we will also do a FREE consult on how to ensure that you constantly stay ahead of your competition using one major tool that helps to improve and increase productivity in your legal practice.

Now moving back to our discussion for today…

You don’t want your potential clients (visitors) getting to your website and clicking on the “close” button and heading over to your competition. You want them to stay and also keep returning.

So there are two ways to do this:

a. Give a FREE irresistible offer

b. Enable your website to give relevant and up to date information to your visitors and clients consistently.

Let’s drill down using these 2 questions.

Question 1: What can you do to make them return?

Answer: A FREE Irresistible offer.

The legal industry in Nigerian is full of lawyers who are at different stages in their law practice. Some are specialized and know what they want to bring in as income every month, they know their perfect type of clients and will never compromise for personal gain or at a risk of putting their legal practice in harms way.

Then we have the other lawyers who are looking for more clients and do not even care to specialize just as long as revenue comes in to cater for overhead costs and salaries. But we both know that this is not how to build and brand your legal practice.

So let’s do an exercise.

What one thing does your legal practice do differently from your competition? 

Now when answering this question, think outside the box and don’t focus on the obvious. It could be an emotional response in how you handle your clients, it could be the relationship you have built with the client or potential client, it could be your follow up system after you have successfully won a case in court, etc.

Another way to handle this is, what is the one question most of your clients have when they come to you?

That is what you need to focus on and then deliver the answer to that question in a free resource on your legal website, in exchange for the contact details of your visitors. This exchange simply means that they want to hear back from you again so they opt in or subscribe to your mailing list.

So your website should have an opt-in box to collect names and email addresses of these potential clients or current clients that are willing to consistently hear from you. You can create this opt in box or subscription pages using any of these email providers such as GetResponse, Aweber, Mail chip, Lead pages, etc. The monthly subscription to these email providers is as low as $9, and all of them also provide a free trial for one month.

Question 2: What can I do to interact with them?

Answer: Enable your website to give relevant and up to date information to your visitors and clients consistently.

To interact with your prospective clients, come up with an editorial calendar, in this calendar, you will outline topics/issues you can educate your clients on.

It’s important you interact with them every week with relevant information, and when you do this consistently, they get to know, like and trust you, so when they have need of your services, you will be the first person on their mind they will call.

So, I want you to get your Op-tin box ready and I can review it for you. If you need help with this, you can call our numbers 08164862581 or 08164862518 to get started with generating more clients for your practice with your website.

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