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How to Increase Your Excitement and Keep Your Creative and Productive Energy Flowing in Your Career and Life

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How to Increase Your Excitement and Keep Your Creative and Productive Energy Flowing in Your Career and Life

Things perhaps used to be more exciting for you and you were full of energy and a zeal to hit the day and get going. Every day was an adventure that you looked forward to even at work. You were enjoying the job, you were happy with the people you were meeting and interacting with, you were swimming and bubbling with ideas on how to get more done with better results.


Fast forward to today.


As time went on, the excitement, drive, and passion started dwindling. Your energy level dropped. The motivation was ebbing away. You are feeling like you are in a pothole.


There are so many factors that could have led your current state. The good news is that it is possible for you to get your groove and creative energy back. You can still go back to that “first love state” where you were full of passion and so much excitement.


You need to do a true self-evaluation. Take a piece of paper, clear out time and remove every distraction. You need to do a critical evaluation of your before and current state first before you work on the future state. Ask yourself the tough questions. Questions you can ask include but are not limited to the ones suggested below.

How were you before? Write down how you felt, your emotional energy level, your passion, etc.

What were the factors that contributed to your passion etc then?

What were the things you were doing at that time?

What was different then?

What has changed now?

What do you believe has led to your current state?

What do you need to change – what do you need to start doing or need to stop doing?

Seek for honest and sincere answers. Don’t just give yourself surface answers. Be specific and clear with your answers.


After evaluating your before and current state, then you need to craft out the “new state” you want to be. Be clear. Be specific about what and how you want to be.

What are the things you need to change to get there?

What do you need to start doing?

What do you need to stop doing?

How will doing these things make you feel?

What are the specific steps and actions you need to take today, tomorrow and so on, on a consistent basis?

How will you measure your progress?


Life is too short to live it unhappy and unfulfilled. When you are not happy you are not at your best. When you are happy and excited, your creative juices and energy will be at its peak. Your excitement will fuel and propel creativity.


What you focus and dwell or think about often, grows. If you focus more on things that are not working well on your job, career, relationships, etc that is what will grow. Focus rather on things that have and are going on well. Look for that one thing that you can be grateful for.


Taking a critical look, how you feel about your job or any other thing is actually in your hands. Do not let another person determine how you feel. Be the architect of your life. Yes, it is not easy but yes, you can take control of your life. Determine how you feel by what you focus on. By dwelling or thinking more about what is not working well for you, you are worsening the matter. Change the focus rather to that one, two or three things that are working well for you and dwell more on them.


Happiness, excitement, and passion revitalize you, fuel your creativity and help you step on the accelerator of satisfaction. Find something to get excited about, reconnect with the motivation and energy you used to have. If you never were passionate about life, you can still go ahead and determine the life you want to live. Write it down. Be deliberate and intentional about it. Write out what it will take to get there and what you need to do on a daily basis.


True happiness is from within. Focus on the better qualities of life. Do not tie your happiness to the physical and material. Get a goal greater than you, a purpose that is beyond you. A purposefully lived life is a fulfilling journey. Focus on the journey, not on the destination. Embrace the process, it is more important than just the destination.


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To Your Success

Luke Ikekpolor

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