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2 Basic Principles To Attract More Clients To Do Business With You.

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June 1, 2021
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2 Basic Principles To Attract More Clients To Do Business With You.

2 Basic Principles To Attract More Clients To Do Business With You.It’s great having you here once more. Without further ado, let’s get down to the meat of this post which is  2 Basic Principles to Attract More Clients to do business with you.

Principle #1 – You (and only you) decide who you want to see walk through the door as your client.

In other words, you must identify who your ideal client is. Your business is not targeted at ’everyone.’ There is an ideal client that you can provide exceptional value to, who will be willing to receive that value from you, and that relationship will be satisfactorily rewarding to both of you.

Principle #2 – Creating an Irresistible Offer.

When you are creating an irresistible offer (a service you are  offering to provide), your goal is to attract just the right person and make them stop and say, “Hey, that lawyer has got EXACTLY what I really need!”

An irresistible offer is a value in form of a service (or product) SO perfectly matched to solve your ideal client’s problem and produce that ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION that it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE for them to resist when they see it.

In creating an offer, you need to focus 90% on the outcome your customers or clients will experience. What matters is the transformation they will experience. It fills in the gap that they have.

Your practice must distinguish itself in your area of expertise by providing an experience that ‘magnetically pulls’ your ideal clients. No one forgets a great experience.

Everyone wants a repeat of a great experience. That is the secret to creating an irresistible offer. You create the offer around the experience that your clients desire to have. You give them that experience on a platter of gold.’ So, What’s the quality of the experience or transformation clients get from doing business with you?

Remember, to create an irresistible offer, you have to know exactly who your client is. You need to know their exact pain. What keeps them up at night? What do they worry about? What do they desire to have? What is the transformation that they want? What is the outcome that they hunger for?

Around the answers to these questions, you create your offer. You develop a solution, a service that addresses these particular needs in a unique and satisfying way. There are so many ‘solutions and services out there competing for the attention of your target audience. So what is that extra thing you can do to turn their eyes in your direction even though there are others offering EXACTLY what you are offering? What’s your incentive for them to choose you, over others?


I’ll pause here. PAUSE. PAUSE. You need to answer these questions. Think over them. How have you been doing things? What do you need to change? I want to hear from you. This second principle is VERY important. I do not want to lose you. Hit the reply button and share your thoughts with me.

Got any questions? I’m willing to answer. Do you want me to take it again or dwell some more on it? Just hit the comment button.

To Your Success!
Mayowa Johnson

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