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What The Doctors Have Refused To Tell You About Hypertension

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June 8, 2021
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What The Doctors Have Refused To Tell You About Hypertension

What The Doctors Have Refused To Tell You About HypertensionLet’s discuss  What The Doctors Have Refused To Tell You About Hypertension.  According to Dr Abiodun Ogungbo, a Neurosurgeon and Consultant of Cedarcrest Hospital, 1 out of every 4 adults in Nigeria has Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

Simply put, in every Nigerian family, there is likely to be one person battling hypertension. However, only 1% of those affected are actually being treated.

Unfortunately, the Nigerian Legal Professional is more likely to be affected because the nature of the profession requires:

Hard work
Being confined to a chair or in one position for long periods of time(Sedentary lifestyle)
Addressing tasks until completion, which means working long hours.
Consistently depriving the body of sleep.

This is outside of the fact that you are of African descent (hypertension has a preference for individuals of African descent) and our current environment promotes a lifestyle where you consume a lot of fried meals.

It also doesn’t help matters that hypertension comes without warning signals. No symptoms occur and its major victims are hardworking professionals – a trait that can be attributed to a good number of Legal Professionals at the Bar and on the Bench.
This quiet, but deadly disease is often discovered when close to death’s door.

So the question is “how do you ensure that this silent killer (Hypertension) never darkens your door and if already has, what can be done about it.

You already are in the “danger zone” if 3 readings of your blood pressure within the last 6 month are over 140/90 mmHg.

However, it can be managed using some simple steps on a daily basis, which in the long run is more effective than the routine and regimental drugs that sap the life and energy out of you.

Is it possible to get hypertension out of the way by applying these simple steps?
If you –

Take 1 clove of garlic and 1 lemon every morning. Chop the garlic into small bits, swallow quickly with a gulp of lemon juice squeezed into a cup of water. The lemon takes care of the odour. Lime is a welcomed substitute.
Take Nutritional Supplements daily
Add Bananas, Watermelon and Tomatoes to your daily diet
Spend 10 minutes exercising daily (remember this also helps with back pain)
And Rest

Then the answer is an affirmative YES!

You will need to stay away from fried foods and oily meals. If you must use oil, coconut oil is your alternative. Also, stay away from cow milk. Goat milk and coconut milk are better alternatives.

To make this easier, I have included a 1-week diet and exercise chart. Do this consistently for the next 3 months and watch how your blood pressure will not only come down but stay down.

We will tackle the best foods for lunch and dinner in a future mail if readers show interest in healthy diet info. Till then, enjoy your weekend.

To a Healthier You!
Dr Rebekah Olofin

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