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16 Things To Do To Stay Ahead In Your Practice or Career

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16 Things To Do To Stay Ahead In Your Practice or Career

Now is the best time to invest in your practice or career. And to do this, consider following my ideas below, just sit back and think about things you didn’t have time to do before and you may not likely have the time to do it after this pandemic is over and things get back to normal

Do the following to get started;


  1. Re-organize your computer desktop and documents
  2. Take some certification that relates to your practice and marketing
  3. Learn how to use new software
  4. Learn how to organize webinars online
  5. Update your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn
  6. Start your law firm newsletter
  7. Read at least 2 books
  8. Write content for your newsletter or blog
  9. Make a list of professionals you can approach to propose networking alliances
  10. Clean out your email inbox
  11. Research new target markets
  12. Read books, take courses on personal development
  13. Clean up your Android/iPhone: delete unused apps, delete unwanted photos and documents
  14. Update your passwords, add 2-factor authentication
  15. Build your email list
  16. Go over your budget and create plans to reduce spending and/or debt, or increase investment and retirement funds

Definitely for some people, you can add more to this list, this is time to do those things, that you may not likely have the time to do, so use this time wisely now because, before you know it, things will be back to normal.

I definitely want you to be glad that you were able to take care of some of the above and many more.

Spend less time on Netflix and your favorite games and get to work immediately.


To your Success


Mayowa Imasuen

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