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[Your Premium Access Details] This is pretty awesome

Let Us Dream Together
March 9, 2022
March 11, 2022
Let Us Dream Together
March 9, 2022
March 11, 2022
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[Your Premium Access Details] This is pretty awesome

[Your Premium Access Details] This is pretty awesomeThe life of a legal practitioner can be complicated!

That’s why we always try to make it easy…

You know how we compiled Supreme Court judgments, Court of Appeal Judgments, the entire Laws of Nigeria, the Rules of Court of ALL the 36 States of Nigeria and the Federal Capital territory, Forms and Precedents, and a thousand more resources for you.

We gave you the largest digital repository of legal resources in Nigeria for years, so that all the digital resources you need to fuel your work to help you be more productive and profitable to distinguish you from the competition are within your fingertips, at very affordable costs at all times,
where ever you are.

Now, we’ve taken things to a higher level for you. This is the NEXT BIG thing.

We have added COMMUNITY AND COLLABORATION to it – you can now connect with other lawyers, create groups/teams within or outside your firm, where you can share and collaborate, reach out and chat
with other lawyers.

You can build your network, start new friendships around common interests, mentor others, showcase your expertise, or share your thoughts, opinions, articles and resources straight to your social media audiences on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can create notes within the platform and share them with your team/group or create articles and make them public for everybody to access.

You can also get search results from notes and articles publicly shared by other lawyers on the platform.

You can now also Cite Legalpedia cases in court with paragraph numbers!

This is the efficiency and productivity transformation you have been waiting for!
The possibilities are endless!!

The best part is this:

You can get FREE ACCESS to the ENTIRE COMMUNITY AND COLLABORATION MODULES with your current Legalpedia subscription. You don’t have to pay anything extra!

All you have to do is:

1.    Click on this link https://legalpediaresources.com.

2.    On the login page, click on “Forgot Password” and enter your email (email you used for your legalpedia subscription) for a password reset link to be sent to you.

3.    Click on the reset link in the email sent to you and on the new web page it opens,  set a new password.

Now you can log in.
That’s all!

You must use the email you are reading this mail from for you to be able to create an account.

If you don’t see the reset password email in your inbox, check your Junk/Spam just in case your email provider mistakenly flagged it.

Here is to greater things ahead


If you have any challenges, reply to this email or call us on:



Do this immediately as we will soon shut down the Old Legalpedia research tool.
Go, go, go!

Click here [https://legalpediaresources.com] now to set up your account.

Here is a video on how to get on the New Legalpedia…

Luke Ikekpolor
Luke Ikekpolor
Personal and Business Growth specialist, Author, Sales Trainer. I show you how to discover your purpose, accelerate growth & maximise your full potential. I'm currently a business growth accelerator specialist at Legalpedia Nigeria Limited.

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