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What are You Selling? Clients Buy Transformation Not Legal Services

September 23, 2021
October 1, 2021
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What are You Selling? Clients Buy Transformation Not Legal Services

What are You Selling? Clients Buy Transformation Not Legal ServicesThe question for you is: What are you selling? Clients buy transformation, not legal services.  Transformation is what clients really care about.

The earlier you realised that clients do not care about your legal services, that they only care about you transforming them from point A to point B the better for you and your firm.

Decisively, clients buy convenience; they buy experience; clients buy emotional states. They buy relief from pain and problems; they buy safety and security; they buy a path to a more prosperous future. The summation of what clients buy and care about is referred to as TRANSFORMATION.

They hire you because they believe you can help them in their transformation journey from where they are (point A) to where they want to be (point B).  They care less about the tools you used to get them to point B.

Your legal services are merely the tools you use to do that.


Looking at it, they could get the results they seek from many other lawyers, but they choose you because they believe you can deliver the transformation that they want.

It could be that their belief comes from what friends, family say about you, or what they see on your website and read about you (or by you),  or what others say about you.


Your existing clients are convinced you will give them what they want that is why they came to you. Your future clients will also come to you based on that.  If it’s your articles and posts they’ve read, you showed them you understand their problem or desire and have the knowledge and experience needed to deliver what they want. If they met you, either casually or for a consultation, you said or did something that made them feel good about you and convinced them you were the right choice.

Your clients chose you and future clients will, too, because of the overall package you present; your services are important, but not the only element in that package. You need to continuously revisit your package to ensure a better experience and overall result.


Therefore, before you create any kind of marketing message or meet a prospective client or potential referral source, put into consideration the experience, the emotional state, the transformation you want to offer and write your message to reflect and accurately depict that.


Start by understanding the end result that your clients want and how they will feel when they get it.

Show them you understand what they want and then show them how you can help them achieve what they want. That’s how they can move from where they are now (point A) to where they want to be (Point B).

This understanding makes tailoring your marketing message to fit perfectly to your prospective clients easier.  This is what is called a message market match.


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