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Trends Driving Legal Operations For Legal Departments In Businesses

May 21, 2020
Adapt To COVID-19 Impact As It Will Outlive Its Cure
May 25, 2020
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Trends Driving Legal Operations For Legal Departments In Businesses

trends-driving-legal-operations-for-legal-departmentsAs the lockdown which has put many activities, businesses and industries on pause is being eased in different parts of the world, many are having a re-think about the HOW and the WHAT of work. Is work all about a place or more of a service first that could be in some cases be tied down to a particular place?

This and many questions have stretched the minds of people worldwide and frankly, there is no one shoe size fits all answer to it.


Covid-19 has opened our eyes to new possibilities of what we would have only imagined possible in the next 5years. Today, what seems far has now become the reality of work for today and for tomorrow.


Employee policies are being restructured. Human Resources experts and departments are closing looking at new modes of operations and its impact and the legal implications on businesses and the employee-employer agreement.


Courts have been given new directions and guidelines on how to adapt to the changes.


The role of technology in the legal industry is being re-defined and necessary changes made to adapt.


We have seen how just in 2 months, the legal sector has had to hold several webinars and discussions on the direction of the ‘new norm.’

COVID – 19 has re-defined the legal landscape.


Here are some things that have and must change:

Court Engagement

Client Engagement

Law Firm Management/collaboration


The impact of the changes are quite far-reaching and also affect the operations of legal departments of businesses, firms and organizations.


There are firms that run their in house legal operations with a business-minded approach, taking into consideration the fact that an effective and efficient legal department needs business expertise, not just legal expertise in order to thrive.


Legal operations, recognizes in the legal department different processes that need to be improved, optimized and then aligned with the rest of the business.


When done properly, you can create a modern, efficient legal department that is able to do more with less and liberate lawyers to add more strategic value to the business.


In this article by Hyperion GP Research, 8 trends that are driving Legal operations in business are highlighted. It is important that trends are rightly identified and necessary adjustments and actions taken to align with them.


Click this link to read the full article:


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