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The COVID – 19 Times: The Off-Setting Positive In The Bad Times.

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The COVID – 19 Times: The Off-Setting Positive In The Bad Times.

I once heard someone say that for every negative thing that happens to you, look for the offsetting positive. If you look hard and long enough you will find some hidden good or opportunity in the bad. It reminds me of the meaning of the word “Crisis” in China. It is said that in the Chinese language, the word “Crisis” is composed of two characters, one representing danger and the other, opportunity.

The crisis we are in as a result of the pandemic has turned a lot of things upside down. While businesses have been wiped out, industries, businesses, economies etc. shaken to their core. There are a lot of uncertainties about so many things. So many questions but very few answers. The pandemic has slowed down so many things. In the midst of it all, with the pain and hardships, I dared to look for hope or any offsetting positives to the entire crisis. We are grateful to be alive for every new day we see and though things may be bad or really bad for others, I dare to believe that there will be a brighter tomorrow. In the midst of all the bad, we see some good.

We have been “forced” to all remain at home. Let us focus on the things we have control over and less on the things we have little control over. We are with our families. Let us take the time to be really present with them and for them. Take the time to bond and forge deeper relationships with one another. Let us take the time to strategize on how we will come back better and stronger at work, school etc.  Let us take the time to take the much-needed rest we are now forced to take that ordinarily we won’t even bother to think about.

Let us give ourselves the time and opportunity to rejuvenate and heal. Many reports show that there have been some good reports coming in for our planet – this will gladden the climate change activists. With lesser pollution due to the closure of factories and emissions from cars, places, where the impact of pollution has been quite bad, have recovered somewhat.

The earth has slowed down or better said, man’s activities have slowed down, giving mother earth some “breathing” space. What has been a fast-paced life for so many has now become an allowance for slower-paced breathing opportunities. The adrenaline rush of the hustle and bustle of city life, running to catch the trains, tramps, public transportations, shared rides or driving through traffic-jammed roads have slowed down or come to a full stop for now.

What has caused this? The dreaded COVID -19 virus. It strange and funny at such a time of great medical and technological advancements, a virus has brought the world to a standstill. Things have slowed down in most places. Cities, states and even countries have been forced to shut down that we may live.


In every crisis are opportunities that will spring up. Yes. So much is going on at the same time even in the midst of a slowing down of things. So many are confused, scared, while some are excited, seeing opportunities and working on strategies for success in their chosen fields.


We will get through this eventually. This will pass away eventually. The earth will recover, economies will grow again, jobs will be recreated and new things discovered and put in place. You too can choose how you come out of this.

Be grateful for life. Be grateful for the positive in the midst of the crisis. A positive mindset will take you far. You need it to come out strong. You need it to see the opportunities. You need it to create a path to your dreams. While you wait, dream and plan. While you wait, strategize. While you wait, get stronger.

As I write to you, I’m at my desk, typing away on my laptop, talking to my clients, making sure they don’t feel abandoned in any way, taking courses and training from gurus in my industry who have so kindly given access for free or at major discounts to materials they have created to help businesses like mine succeed before, during and after this period.

What about you?

I am grateful for the off-setting positives. I am grateful for hope.


Tolu Akintade

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