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The Indispensable Lawyer – 6 Qualities Of An “A” Player To Imbibe

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March 19, 2020
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The Indispensable Lawyer – 6 Qualities Of An “A” Player To Imbibe

The calibre of your team can make or break the operations of your firm. Businesses and organizations don’t run themselves. People run them. The quality of people determines the success story of the business or organization. The calibre of your team is arguably one of the most important components of a successful and efficient firm.

Business success is highly dependent on who you hire and who you don’t fire. The quality of your team is one area that you must not compromise on in your law firm. Many owners tend to make exceptions and tolerate mediocrity. The cost of such an act can lead to complete business failure for you.

Keith J. Cunningham in his book, The Road Less Stupid, identifies six common denominators all “A” players have.

Six Common Denominators Of  “A” Players

1. A scoreboard.

This tracks progress. It tells if the “A” player is winning or losing. This helps to determine what needs to be improved on in the case of a downward trend and what needs to be maintained in the case of an upward trend.

2. A high internal, emotional need to succeed.

True motivation is from within. Self-motivation is the one thing every “A” player must-have. Success is what drives them. They play the game to win.

3. They love to be measured and held accountable for their results.

“A” players look forward to the outcome of their efforts to know if they won or not. If they come short anywhere, that drives them further to work harder to win the very next time. They do not dread seeing the outcomes of their efforts. They do not wish to be associated with any shoddy job. They live and breathe for the win. They play the game to win and win only.

4. They have the technical chops to do the job.

An A player gathers experience and has the wins to show for it. They put themselves wholeheartedly into any given tasks or projects and over time have a record of wins and experiences that they have built. They have a broad range of experiences that serve them in the hour of need that they can always draw from.


5. They are humble enough to ask for coaching.

They love to learn. They love to acquire new skills. They are always focused on improving themselves. They are not satisfied with their current levels of knowledge, exposure and experience. They are always looking for how to grow.


6. They see opportunities.

They considered problems as opportunities. They don’t see or believe in the word, “impossible.” They believe anything can be done, with the right skills and resources. Where they are lacking, they acquire what is needed to get the job done. Failure or coming shortly are not options. Others may see problems but they see and an opportunity to excel.


From the above qualities, you can access yourself right away if you are an “A” player or not. You know where you are falling short, this is an opportunity to improve on the areas that you are falling short.

Secondly, in hiring, these are qualities you should focus on. If you are seeking employment, you improve your chances of getting hired and becoming an indispensable employee if you are an “A” player with these qualities.

If you have someone in your firm with such potentials, make good use of that gift. You may just be sitting on a gold mine.
Most importantly, be the “A” player for others in your team to emulate and imbibe the same values

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