The Amazing Secret Of Successful Legal Marketing

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October 6, 2015
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October 10, 2015
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The Amazing Secret Of Successful Legal Marketing


I trust and hope you have been able to take out some time to define your ideal client using the template I gave you in the last mail. If you have not, here is it again.
It is very important you do it. It is the very beginning of successful legal marketing.

We have been sharing a lot of information that we hope you are implementing. We are truly interested in you taking your practice to the next level. If at any point in time you have questions, feel free to ’stop’ us and ask questions. We will be more than glad to pause and explain further.

I had promised in my previous post that we will be talking on what makes a good Lead Magnet.

First, let’s refresh our minds again on what a lead magnet is.

A Lead Magnet is a product or service that you offer a potential client in exchange for their contact details; name, email, phone number and/or address. The Lead Magnet leads to a ‘relationship’ with your prospects. The relationship is fundamental because people only do business with people who they like and trust.

For a Lead Magnet to be worth it:

1. It must be valuable
Your lead magnet must offer genuine value to the reader. Even though you are giving out the Lead Magnet for free, it should be so valuable that if it were to be sold, you will have willing buyers.

The value alone targeted at the right prospects makes it irresistible and that makes them want to get more from you. That makes them make you the preferred choice to do business with; willing to part their money for your products/services.

2. It must solve a particular problem

In coming up with a Lead Magnet, find out what’s their biggest problem. Not what you think is their biggest problem but what IS their biggest problem. That takes research.

What keeps them up at night? What are the obstacles they encounter regularly? What solution would make their life easier? What type of secret knowledge do they want to obtain? These kind of problems are the things you should focus on alleviating through your Lead Magnet.

3. It must be easy to consume within few minutes
‘Consumption’ of your Lead Magnet should not take long. Your prospects should be able to receive instant gratification within minutes as they read, listen or watch what you have for them. The solution you offer must not necessarily be something that can be done quickly, but it can be looked at quickly.

4. It must promise ONE big thing

There must be an outcome your potential client is expecting to get after consuming the information.

Your Lead Magnet basically consists of four main parts:

Promise: What they will get when they ‘consume’ the Lead Magnet.
Connect: Why you created it and for whom.
Salient Points: Issues and solutions. This could be in bullets points.
Call to action: What they need do next. You must tell your prospects the next step to take. What do you want them to do after consuming the Lead Magnet? You must be clear about that.

That’s it for today. Don’t let life get in the way. Get into action. Create your Lead Magnet and I will be glad to look at it for you. Remember, it is only for the first twenty. I can only do so much.


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