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One Secret to a good night’s rest you already know, refuse to do daily and is costing you, your health

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July 6, 2016
July 11, 2016
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One Secret to a good night’s rest you already know, refuse to do daily and is costing you, your health

Aren’t Saturdays a blessing.  At least one day in the week, when you don’t have to get out before the rays of daylight come in.

So I trust you are getting some extra sleep today. Last week, I told you my sister’s story and the issues she had with sleep. What I left out is my story.

Before I tell you the story, did I mention that sometimes you find it difficult to sleep for the simple reason that you have a lot of responsibilities’ to attend to. Both at work and at home.

Yes, and these responsibilities are overwhelming because they all depend on you contributing a major part of your time in ensuring they are carried out. Has anyone of you ever felt like everything depends on you? If you are not there nothing moves.

The other part that can be really nerve racking is when you do not have trust worthy colleagues or workers and so you have to keep checking up on them and ensuring that tasks and responsibilities are done when needed. These two can drive anyone crazy, contribute to major stress issues and prevent you from having a good sleep.

So my story, at a particular point in my career, in the not too distant past, I wake up really tired and I feel I need to go back to sleep. (of course this is normal because I go to bed late) Of course, I lie down and try to get some extra sleep.  You know the funny thing? I don’t sleep. It’s as if my mind is busy doing this and doing that. It was today that it dawned on me that the simple reason my mind cannot sleep, is because
everything is dependent on me.

Until I have a system in place that run’s without me and can gives me feedback on a consistent basis, I will always go to bed with my head full and lie down but never really rest.

Now if you are the leading partner in a firm, it’s tough not to worry about the whole world (things kept under your care and sometimes things not under your care). However, if you have a simple system in place that runs whether you are there or not there, you go to bed confident that things are moving properly.

The truth about this secret is that we all know about it. We sometimes call it systems. Systems help us to create cultures. To ensure that these systems works, we employ tools.

So what other secrets are there to having a good night’s rest.

1.       Have a system in place, which runs without you.
2.       Get tools to make the system effective for you.

Tools help you get the best out of the systems, make you productive, fulfilled and happy and ultimately prevent the effects of stress on your body.

Food for thought; do you have a system in place at your work place? Does it run without you checking on every part of it?

If you do is it effective? There are so many tools that help you manage your workload effectively. I don’t have all the answers but I know someone who can help you.

If you want to learn about tools that will make your practice smoother and will reduce the worry and concern you got to bed at night with daily. Text tools to this number 08023390979

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