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Insane But Simple Source of Content Ideas for Lawyers to Attract More Clients

August 31, 2021
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September 8, 2021
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Insane But Simple Source of Content Ideas for Lawyers to Attract More Clients

This post is about content idea bank for your website blog post, newsletter, email and so on.  If you have been having difficulty with content creation,  don’t worry anymore. Here is an ‘Insane But Simple Source of Content Ideas for Lawyers to Attract More Clients’  to your rescue…hehehe.

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Alright, back to our business for today.

Fasten your seatbelt as we get started.

Take a look at your competition’s websites and see what they’re writing or talking about.

Your competitor’s websites are a potential content ideas goldmine for you. They are written from lawyers’ perspectives speaking to prospective clients.

Read through their blog content, see if they’ve covered any topics you haven’t covered and covered them.

Also, look for content on subjects matters you have covered to see what they did differently. This will give you insight for updates or new posts on the subject matter.

There is no one way that fits all. You might agree with a post, write a similar post from your own perspective, and provide your own examples or client success stories.

On the other hand, you might disagree with a post and gives the reason(s).

If you come across a short post on a subject, you might write a longer one and explain things much better about it. Verse versa, if you come across a lengthy post, you might write a shorter post or a series of short posts on each of their sub-topics.

Moreover,  if they are in a different state or country with different procedures and laws, you might write an exhaustive opinion piece on why your jurisdiction should follow suit.

Another area to get ideas in is the comment section.

While you’re on their site, check out the comments that came in. This will let you know the questions their visitors asked and what they like.  How this relates to you is chances are,  your prospective clients have the same questions and the same likes.  This is part of knowing your clients’ pain points and then come up with solutions that will solve them. This will make you the hunted instead of the hunter.

Sign up for their newsletter if they have one.  This will give you access to additional content they are sharing with their clients that are not on their website.

Inclusion,  don’t neglect the goldmine content ideas on your competitors’ websites. You will probably have more ideas than you can imagine or think of.


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