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How To Take Control of Your Most Valuable Web Asset…Your Name

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October 25, 2016
Read This before You Launch Your Law Firm’s Social Media Strategy
November 23, 2016
Payment Test
October 25, 2016
Read This before You Launch Your Law Firm’s Social Media Strategy
November 23, 2016
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How To Take Control of Your Most Valuable Web Asset…Your Name

valuable-web-assetLet me ask you…

Have you Googled yourself lately?

Controlling your reputation on the internet is one thing you must do as a lawyer. Although sometimes, it’s often overlooked. If there’s a chance that you haven’t been paying attention to marketing, you may not be too pleased with the outcome of the research. If you are one of those that find your online presence to be really poor or you want to prevent future searches from bringing terrifying results, these are 3 tips to follow:


  1. Claim Your Profiles on Online Directories

You will be surprised to find out that a few catalogs may be using your name for purposes you weren’t aware of. If you don’t have an active online profile that you possess and control, these postings may actually rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. It might look like a good thing on the surface, and in some cases, it is; but it might not be so good in cases where you have no control over it or certain information about you or your firm is not given.

For example, somebody who has been directed to your law office may search through Google particularly for your name. Possibly, your name is already being used in a directory and you don’t own or control the profile that has your name, you will probably be seen by that potential client. They could search for something as basic as your contact data, or seek information about you and your practice.

They’ll see that directory outcome and discover how empty your profile is. What’s more, they’ll likewise observe a good number of your competitors – the resourceful profile of those competitors that give adequate information about them. Not finding useful information on your profile can make potential clients who want to know you more get the wrong signal. With your profile offering nothing useful, potential clients are probably going to check out the profile of the competitors to help them decide on a choice. That – needless to say – can be a loss for your firm.

Between your empty profile and the powerful profile a competitor possesses, a prospective client who needs to choose a legal representative is probably going to settle for a complete profile to help them in that basic process of decision making. Your potential clients can’t work with the data they don’t have. Furthermore, a shabby online presence — whether you do not have a rich law office site, or you don’t control your profile on legal directories or social media — can send warnings to online guests who hope to meet you there.

This is an oversight that is anything but difficult to amend. Owning these profiles does not take so much time. You can streamline your presence online, so that, regardless of where a client sees you on the web, they find reliable data about you and your firm. But lawyers who don’t set aside the time to place themselves in control of their names might lose business and clients to others that have effectively made this stride. You might not own these directories and will most likely be unable to control what your name is being used for by these directories. Yet, you can control what data a prospective client has when they see the posting.

You ought to expect that your prospective client will probably do online research about your law office before they ever contact your firm or stroll into your office.

Set aside the time tidy up all the data concerning you or your firm and make sure that’s it’s exactly what you want your prospective clients to see. With regards to adding yourself to directories online, be specific about the ones that you pick. All directories might not have a similar importance for lawyers so it’s imperative to pick the ones that your prospective clients regard and are probably going to use.


  1. Open web-based social media accounts should be created

If you haven’t at the moment, kindly make efforts to open and fill up relevant social media with details about your company. Include your personal information as well as that which portrays what you need to pass on to prospective client about you as a lawyer.

Social media may appear irrelevant to some lawyers, yet your prospective clients hope to see you in various places. Being accessible via web-based networking media can help prospective clients and referral sources draw to you.  I’ll suggest you begin with Facebook and LinkedIn.

When your presence on the web is strong, it can be of help with your ranking in in the search engines. A functional online presence that you regularly add to, will help you take up more space in results of search engines. Having a solid presence that overpower outcomes for your name can relieve any sort of harming data about you that others may put on the web in regions that you don’t control since you’ll have the capacity to own a greater amount of what gets on the web concerning you.


  1. Claim your own particular law office site and blog

If there is a chance you don’t possess your own particular site or blog, it’s essential that you do.

A prospective client sees your site and blog as your virtual office. You will make an initial impression with this. And believe it or not, first impressions are everything. It’s possible they see your law firm’s site before they ever get in touch with you, visit your firm or approach you in court. Your site and blog ought to mirror your company’s message, and in addition your identity. In any case, you ought to claim it.


In the event that you do not have control over the marketing in your law office…

If you can’t control your marketing, you are going to lose control of your practice and your future.

At Legalpedia, we believe in placing lawyers in control by furnishing them with the instruments and needed strategy to succeed on the internet. We strongly believe in helping lawyers to typically develop their businesses without losing time or cash. It’s our priority to ensure the protection of our members from spending resources on unwanted services and none productive strategies so that fair value can be achieved.

With that being said…

Are you prepared to enhance the marketing of your law office? We can demonstrate to you how. Get in touch with us or make out time to call us today.

Call 08164862581 or 08164862518 right away to get started!!!

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