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How to Make Your Clients Your Brand and Services Advocates and Pull More Clients to do Business with You.

May 29, 2020
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How to Make Your Clients Your Brand and Services Advocates and Pull More Clients to do Business with You.

how-to-make-your-clients-your-brand-and-services-advocatesImagine your clients being so genuinely excited about your excellent services that they keep telling their friends and families about you, your firm and about your expertise.

You know that definitely could translate to more clients, who will be all too pumped up to have you on their side.

As a matter of fact, research shows that such referred clients are downright the best for any kind of business. There is little or no work you need to do to win their trust. They are the easiest to get along with.

As a professional services provider, to have the same clients to do business with you over and over again and refer people means they must have derived satisfactory value from you or your firm.

The goal of any business is to reach the place where its clients become its brand ambassadors, willingly and freely. The degree to which this is achieved is summarily dependent on the value and degree of satisfaction received by the client.


Here are three quicks tips on how you can achieve such a level of client brand advocacy for you and your firm:

  1. Be Genuinely Interested In Your Clients:

Be genuinely interested in the success of your clients. It’s not the bucks you are going to make from them that is the primary focus. Focus on their satisfaction and then you will receive your “reward.”

Have you ever had an experience where the person attending to you seemed or appeared to be listening when talking with him/her about the problem you want to be resolved but in reality, they weren’t listening? The whole pretence or lack of genuine care is normally brought to light when it is time for the deliverables and the whole thing became a mess.

An unsatisfied client or customer won’t come back again for more business.

How they feel handled/treated during the entire business relationship matters a whole lot. Remember, people will only do business with you if they know like and trust you. You trust people who you believe are genuinely interested in you. That’s the way human beings are wired.

To be genuinely interested in a client, you need to put yourself in the client’s shoes with empathy and be concerned about them and their welfare. This will make them trust you the more and also build their confidence in you.

Being genuinely interested in your clients requires you to be really attentive when listening. Truly listening will enable you to ask the appropriate and necessary questions on the matter at hand.

See and understand the things through the eyes of your prospect or client first. It is only then that you can genuinely position yourself to provide the help that is needed.


  1. Build Client Anticipation (Excitement):

You need to build excitement, expectation, a transformational feeling and value.

When clients or customers decide to patronise your service, they’re generally pretty pumped that they’re going to be receiving value or that are going to have their problem(s) solved.

You need to show the client that he or she is not just one of the numbers. They need to feel valued and attended to. You need to show them that they matter to you. You need to build relationship.

They need to see you as their friend. As their trusted advisor. This will assure them not to worry; that you will have their problem(s) solved or issue(s) resolved. Make them feel welcome and appreciated. Make them feel special. People always go where they feel appreciated and listened to.


  1. Exceed Client Expectations:

Under-promise and over-deliver. Period!

Your competitors can provide value just as you too. Your prospects and clients know that as well.

So, providing the same quality of services to them that they can get anywhere else from your competitors won’t cut the dice and that won’t distinguish you from the crowd. What will stand you completely out is when you exceed clients’ expectation above and beyond the monetary benefits.

What will, in the long run, differentiate you from firm ‘A’ or firm ‘B’ may very well be the small things, the attention to detail, the way you make them feel, the unique touches, signature, packaging and the overall experience you give your clients.

The entire processes you take your clients through, from the moment they step into your office or from the initial contact, through the entire time you handle their matter and how you handle or relate with them after you have solved their need will differentiate you and stand you clearly from the competition

The accumulation of the experiences at the different touchpoints will form a lasting experience that will go a long way in building client loyalty.


It is not just solving the problems of your clients that sets you apart and endears your clients to you for a lifelong relationship of mutual benefits. How you solve the problem, their experience as you relate and deal with them; the entire customer journey they go through is what will create the unforgettable five-star experience for them.

So, map out if you haven’t, a seamless and experiential ‘Client Value Journey’ for your clients to give them an indelible, mind-blowing and lasting experience that they will always refer and point others to.

The application of the above three (3) tips will distinguish you and your services from others vying for the same target audience as you. It will leave an awesome experience in your clients’ minds, make them come over and over again to do business with you and finally make them your brand advocates.

They will always and continue to propagate, sing your praises and spread the gospel of your services to others.

Do you need help designing experiential ‘Client Value Journey’?

Click here to schedule a consultation session with us. We are here to help you.

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