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How to get more clients and increase your Law firm’s income

July 11, 2019
July 18, 2019
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How to get more clients and increase your Law firm’s income

Are you working too hard and earning too little? So many lawyers I know are stuck in a rut. They work their hands off, but never seem
to get ahead. They’re smart, always deliver good results to clients– they are good lawyers. But financially, they are struggling.
And yet. . . there are lawyers who are very successful.
Can you spot the difference between them?
The ones who are financially stable aren’t necessarily the better lawyers.  They’ve simply discovered how to position themselves.
And so can you…
It begins with a decision to get serious about growing your law firm the strategic way, and when you do, exciting things happen.
We’d like to spin a little fortune-telling round the crystal ball…
‘There will be two types of lawyers in the near future…
One set will embrace the future and grow their law firm, while the others,will remain stagnant, and then slowly fall behind.
As technology evolves and each new day brings a unique strategy to acquiring clients, the lawyers who embrace it will quickly have a distinct
advantage with the 2 simple steps outlined below to increase the clientele base of their law firms, which are your key ingredients for growth:

>>> Get more income from your existing leads and clients.
>>> Get new fresh leads calling your office every week.

This can be easily done by using automation to follow up with existing clients set up a system whereby you label or ‘tag’ prospects.
If a prospect is ‘on the fence’, get them off by sending them a pre-determined series of emails and text messages, to get them to make a decision on whether or not to choose to do business with you.
The sequence below is a very simple, step-by-step process, yet you’ll find it brings back lost customers more often than not.

1. Email (send immediately after initial contact): thank them for coming in or calling. then include reviews or case studies of previously happy clients.

2. Text message (send immediately after initial contact): thank them for considering your law firm and prompt them to store your phone number in their phone.

3. Text message (send 2 days after initial contact): check if they need any more help or information, and remind them to call you if they need anything.

4. Email (send 2-3 days after initial contact): bring their attention to another case study or success story.

By simply following up with them automatically, you’ve done what 9 out of every10 law offices never do. just this one small act can push you into the top 10% of lawyers in Nigeria.

B. How To Get Fresh New Clients Every Single Week
This is getting your ideal clients who need or want your services calling your office, asking for help.
When the decision comes down to choosing a law firm to work with,85% of consumers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation.
A study done by Bright Local, in 2011, stated that 71% of consumers often read reviews, the number rose to 78% in 2012, 85% in 2013, and 93% in 2017.

It is a little disheartening to realize that only 4% of lawyers are actively getting online reviews today, and they are taking up all the best clients.

Your action steps…???
>>> Get A 5 Star Reputation for Your Law Firm that would increase your Referral list of Qualified Leads
>>> Go to a business review website. Collect reviews by offering your existing clients a simple online form to complete.

If it is a positive review they get an email asking them to share it on Yelp, or Google. If it is a negative review, it comes back to you so that you can
address their grievance, and they become the happy customer again.

Don’t hesitate to talk to one of our experts to discover how to get started.

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