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How To Attract Clients To Your Law Practice

Sherifat O. Hassan & Anor V. Agunsoye Oluwarotimi Ojo & 2 Ors
November 22, 2015
First Bank Of Nigeria Plc & Anor Vs Ben-Segba Technical Services Limited And Anor
December 1, 2015

How-To-Attract-Clients-To-Your-Law-Practice-672x372Hi there! How has your week been going? Hope its been awesome. A while back, we took a pause to address questions from our esteemed readers and so, for a couple of weeks now we’ve focused on blogs.

I hope you were able to get one for your practice. If you haven’t, you really got to STOP, GO BACK and IMPLEMENT ALL we have been showing you. The secret is in the implementing. Don’t worry about what you are getting right or what you are not getting right. All the pieces will fall in place but you’ve got to IMPLEMENT. As usual, if you’ve got any questions …!

We’ve talked about Lead Magnets and the importance of using them on your website but it looks like some will like to get a few ideas about some good lead magnets. So, I’ll share some examples with you today.

Remember, the whole idea of using Lead Magnets has to do with offering visitors to your website, content on something of value in exchange for signing up to your email list. Visitors on the internet are usually hesitant to part with their email addresses because of the perceived risk of receiving spam mails. So, you need to develop a compelling and valuable Lead Magnet so that your potential subscribers’ desire for your Lead Magnet will outweigh any fear of receiving spam or unwanted mails.

To get them to part with their contact details, you need to offer them something really valuable in return – that will be your Lead Magnet.

A good lead magnet should help your website visitors solve a specific problem or accomplish a specific task. The lead magnet on any given page of your website should be directly related to the content on that page.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Free Report or Guide– Free reports are the most common type of Lead Magnets. It should help visitors to your website learn or increase their knowledge about something they are interested in, address a pain or help them accomplish a specific goal. For example, a real estate lawyer could offer a report on the Legal requirements involved in purchasing properties and the pit falls to avoid that could prove costly to potential customers. This will  position you as an authority and more so, as a trusted friend.The secret here is, people do business with those who they like and trust. Your report (or any Lead Magnet) if value packed, positions you as that trusted friend.
  • Resource List– A resource list is simply a list of products, services, tools and worksheets that can help your subscribers get started more quickly in an area of interest to them. It empowers them with relevant tools and resources in reaching or achieving a goal.
  • Educational Videos– You can record a series of instructional videos and have people subscribe to watch. There is nothing more powerful than educative materials that empower. Videos really work. A whole lot of people will rather watch a video that shows them in simple steps how to do something than read up such material.
  • Physical Products– If having a subscriber’s physical mailing address isimportant to you, you can offer an inexpensive-to-produce physical product as your lead magnet. Small tools such as physical newsletters, momentos, books, hard copy reports, magazines, are often used as physical products lead magnets. It has to be something that your website visitors will be more than glad to receive from you.

I’ll wrap it up here for now. Think on these examples and see what you can come up with. Let your imaginations roam AND share them with me. I will be more than glad to help you come up with a Lead Magnet. Don’t forget … just hit the reply button.




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