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Have You Been Neglecting Clients/Customers In Your Firm?

October 12, 2020
October 14, 2020
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Have You Been Neglecting Clients/Customers In Your Firm?

Client or Customer Care Week. Set aside to celebrate the customer.

A week alone shouldn’t be Customer Care Week. Every day of the week should be client/customer Care Day. It goes without saying that your firm should be centred around your customers and clients – every day, all the time.

Have You Been Neglecting Clients/Customers









I saw somewhere, what the core goals for the week should be:

  1. Celebrate your staff, especially those at the front-line. Why? Because they bear the flag of your company and brand.
  2. Show your appreciation to your customers for their loyalty by thanking them.
  3. Remind and reiterate to your team of the need to be a customer-centric organization.
  4. Share your customer success stories
  5. Renew your dedication to offer excellent services.


I quite agree with these points. This really is a time for appreciation, acknowledgement and renewal of dedication to service but there is a slightly different view.

Sure, everybody knows who a customer or client is to them but do you know your first customers really are your staff, especially those who have direct access or dealings with your customers or clients who benefit from your services?

Your staff, your first line of clients/customers represent your firm and brand to the outside world. If they can convince your clients to do business with and stick with you, then your business will thrive. That’s for sure.

Without staff, no matter how small your business is, even if it is a one-man business (you are your company’s staff), you have no business at all. No workers (even if you are the only worker), no business.

Your workers should be acknowledged and well cared for. How well you take care of them (your internal customers) will reflect on how well they handle your external clients and customers.

This is a shout out to all the loyal internal customers out there serving in different businesses and firms, providing excellent service and value to clients and customers. You are much appreciated. Keep up the good work that you are doing.

Businesses and firms thrive because some one is doing a good job of doing their job. Let’s encourage and appreciate all our internal customers who in turn will pass on great value and service to all external customers and clients.

Happy Customer Care Week to you all. Enjoy!







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