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COVID-19: Using Technology to Stay Alive and Keep Your Business Alive

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March 31, 2020
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April 2, 2020
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COVID-19: Using Technology to Stay Alive and Keep Your Business Alive

COVID -19 is something that has impacted almost everybody in almost all countries directly or indirectly. Yes. You have never experienced anything like this that has had such a global impact.

What you need to do at this time is to closely monitor updates from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19. Do not feast your mind on unverified news. Leave the sensational news alone and focus on helpful information and facts. Be informed but not give in to fear. Seek guidance from the health agencies, public health officials and government agencies on an ongoing basis.

Take steps to limit exposure to the virus. Limit the size of meetings (if you haven’t totally shut down), utilize remote-work solutions, and continue to reinforce safety first. Staying alive is the more important thing at this time. Additionally, have protocols in place that activate closures, disinfection and appropriate quarantine procedures based on recommendations by government and health agencies. Observe all necessary health precautions. If you have had to close, which is the safer thing to do, do not fold your hands, sleep and let your business slide to a stop. Put in place Business Continuity Plans to ensure the continuation of your services remotely.


Keep The Communication Lines Open

Take advantage of technology to maintain continuous communication with your employees and keep reminding them about the importance of good hygiene, providing them with health education and support whenever needed. If any of your staff or associates complain of symptoms similar to those of the Coronavirus, advice them to seek medical attention immediately.

Your commitment to your customers

Ensure you communicate with your clients at this time. Make use of social media platforms and email to keep in touch. Show that you care and keep the relationship going. People will always do business with those who they know like and trust. This is the time to build trust. Be the friend that is there in the good times and in the bad times. Send them tips on how to stay safe, how to make the best use of their time now that they are most likely all at home.


If you have put off using technology, now is the time to take a second look. Work shouldn’t come to a halt because you can’t be in a physical office. If you insist on that, you may be leaving in denial. Business worldwide as we know it has changed and will change much more thanks to COVID – 19. Remote work and work health issues will take the forefront now.

Crowded office places will be frowned at and many will choose to work from home than expose themselves unnecessarily to any future risks. You have to be prepared for that. With tools like Legalpedia research tool, your research doesn’t have to stop as you can continue your work from home.

As a lawyer, this is the time to invest in a #smart office/case management solution where you can run your office virtually. Your firm can still operate fully with full meetings etc going on.

If you need any help with that, all you have to do is reach out to us and we can talk.


Remember, staying alive is what is most critical now. Stay and alive and keep your business alive using technology to get work done remotely.


To Your Success


Tolu Akintade

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