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What is your Area of Specialisation?

November 18, 2020
November 23, 2020
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What is your Area of Specialisation?

Area of SpecialisationWhen there are too many options, too many alternative choices, it leads to confusion instead of freedom.  You need to have an area of specialization!

Too many choices is not freedom, but confusion – Keith J. Cunningham

When there are many choices, one of the biggest problem or challenge is knowing the option to prioritize and execute.  The resources available are limited, executing all the options are not possible. One options has to be chosen for execution.

On the other hands, it is very rare for one option or choice to be the Holy Grail, the antidote or solution that solves all the challenges. It is not possible to find a strategy and solution that perfectly solves all the business problems and at the same time require the least of resources


Therefore, there has to be a trade-off and sacrifice. You have to sacrifice something for another. There has to be an alternative forgone or opportunity cost, because you can’t have everything you want, but you can have anything you want.


From the above, I can see the need of scale of preference, opportunity cost, focus and unique selling proposition.  What are you seeing here? Let us know in the comment.


Alright, back to our point.

It is rarely possible or not possible at all to be on top of your game and exceed client’s expectations in every facet of your business. You have to have one thing that you will be known and remembered for.

When you generalize, it kills clarity of purpose.  When you try to focus on everything, you will not be known for something. Specialty trumps generalization anytime and any day.


Same applies to our lives as individuals. You have to be known for something.

-When your name is mentioned what comes to people’s mind?

-When your time is up here and you are no more here on earth, what do you want to be remembered for?


That is your Unique Identity. That is your USP. That is your area of specialization or specialty.


Three factors needed to get the highest value:

  1. Clarity of your expected result or what you are optimizing for
  2. Ruthless honesty on your part in evaluating
  3. Critical thinking.


The combination of these three, guide you in making the right decisions out of the options you have before you.

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