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5 Tips To Make Your Law Firm’s Blog Popular In Your Niches

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July 8, 2021
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Understanding the Evil Twin of Hypertension
July 8, 2021
July 14, 2021
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5 Tips To Make Your Law Firm’s Blog Popular In Your Niches

In this post, you are going to learn 5 tips to make your law firm’s blog popular in your niches. Before we get into it, I just want to talk about blogs a little bit. In one of our previous posts, we discussed 7 Benefits of having a law firms blog. You can read it here if you haven’t.

Research has shown that there are more than one billion blogs worldwide. Many are hobby blogs, folks who write about gardening, antique collecting and needle pointing, etc. while others have an established business behind them (like yours). You will be shocked at the kind of topics people blog about on the internet…it’s hilarious. A couple of days ago, I stumbled on a blog that teaches how to build stuff with Lego…toys for kids. You’ll be amazed at the readership of the blog. Anyway, all I’m saying is that if someone can blog about Lego, why can’t you blog about something as serious and professional like the practice of law in your area of speciality. Niching yourself will stand you out.

Alright, here are 5 tips to make your blog popular in your niches and industry:

1. Find Your Niche

This is the most important thing you should do before you start blogging. At this point, you need to define exactly who you’re speaking to, what their primary needs are (as it pertains to your practice). Without a clear knowledge of this, you will find it hard to get people to resonate with any content piece you put out there on the internet, no matter how good of a writer you are. Be sure you are satisfying an unfulfilled need.

Note that the number of good Law blogs is rising, so merely repeating what’s already being done can lead to failure. If you’re just going to do the same thing other lawyers and law firms are doing, you’re going to get lost in the Internet noise.

Your best bet is to carve out your own corner of the Internet — either by finding a vacant niche or by outperforming existing players in your niche — because those who have found their space and cover it well are the ones who succeed.


2. It’s a Sin To Be Boring

If you don’t particularly have an interesting personality, you need to look for ways to make your content interesting. Even if you have an identifiable niche and regular posts, but if the content is dry, your readers will not hang around for a long time.

The best way to achieve this is to drop your cloak of a formal lawyer and pick up that of a teacher. Write in a way that’s easy to read and digest. The simpler your mode of writing, the higher the level of engagement your readers will have with your content.

As much as you try to be interesting, be as authentic as possible.

It’s not just the writing style that makes a post interesting. Length and multimedia elements also play a part in how a reader perceives a blog post.

Think of it this way, no one hangs around a boring person. As a matter of fact, we are drowned to people that seem to have an aura of fun around them. That’s how your blog should make your readers feel. As much as you share valuable content, take the pains to present it to them in a more engaging manner than your usual way of ‘brief writing’’.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid of controversy.

This one may be counterintuitive, especially for lawyers, who tend to be cautious and conservative by virtue of the profession. But controversial blog posts constantly outperform their “buttoned-up” counterparts.

Don’t be afraid to take a stand and stir up some conflict. When you take an opposing position, you are likely to get more people reading, sharing, commenting, and discussing your content, all of which are good things for your level of visibility and popularity.


3. Be Passionate About What You Write

You’ll be amazed at how readers can recognize how passionate you are about what you write. It just has a way of coming across. Try to write posts that you, as a person, will actually WANT to read.

The best way to deliver a message is by allowing passion to leap off the page and into the reader’s mind, heart and soul.


4. Value The Opinions of Your Readers

Your readers are the reason why you set up the blog anyway. It’s the readers who will make or break a blog. It will be detrimental if you ignore their feedback.

One way to achieve this is to receive feedback from readers about what they want to see published. This way, your blog will enjoy a  highly interactive relationship with your audience.

Change your focus from what you feel readers SHOULD care about to what your readers DO care about. Put yourself in their shoes— what do they want to read about?


5. Update Frequently

Experts say that regular updates can be enough to set a blog apart from the competition. If you’re not going to do it regularly, then don’t do it.

If you update your legal blog once every three months, it’s really not going to do anything for you.


Final Thoughts…

Law firms have access to valuable information and perspective and should view blogs as a way to express this information to build and deepen relationships with clients and establish partnerships. As a lawyer, you are arguably in the greatest of positions to self-publish and produce compelling content because you are at the intellectual apex of most professions worldwide.

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